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The Epic of Ivar

December 3, 2017


Ivar, oh Ivar!
Born from a war!
Father was killed,
in a battle of scorn.
Mother died, 
from birthing her son.

Ivar, oh Ivar!
Raised out of hatred!
Brought up by his uncle,
absued by his cousins.
He promises to bring an axe,
to end their lives

Ivar, oh Ivar!
Living in a lie!
Promised to a woman,
he could never love. 
His uncle, good hearted uncle did try.
Tried to get influence,
in the council of elders.

Ivar, oh Ivar! 
Trained all his life!
Learned the axe, 
from his father's commander.
Learned the secrets of the sword,
from a far away master.

Ivar, oh Ivar!
Ready for revenge!
Brought down an axe,
on his cousins.
Stabbed his uncle,
with a sword.

Ivar, oh Ivar!
Getting ready for war!
Left to raid,
like his father before.

Ivar, oh Ivar!
Met his fate!
Got an axe,
brought on him.
Got killed by a sword.

Ivar, oh Ivar!
May the gods forgive thee!
Your reasons were just,
your end brought the weapons,
that you used to end.


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1 Comment
  • Glytch Montoya

    Ivar, oh Ivar!
    You will end them no more!

    Great work, by the way!

    over 2 years ago