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Raiding Song

December 3, 2017


(First Verse) 

Grab you axes,
grab you swords.
Get on the boats,
and chart a course.
It's time to the gods most sacred activity!

(Second Verse)

A puny village,
is a great target.
To crush, and kill, and steal,
as the gods deem it.

(Third Verse)

How could they fight back?
How could they win a battle?
They can't follow us on a saddle.
They can't ride the waves.
Like the way the gods gave us.

(Fourth Verse) 

In the end,
we leave the village charred.
We won't ever come again.
They will never have the loot.


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1 Comment
  • Glytch Montoya

    ...They could just go find some loot like you did, raider people...

    Great work, by the way.

    about 2 years ago