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Winter Song

December 3, 2017


(First Verse)

Snow falling from the sky,
God-Talkers say it's a blessing.
It's the circle of of seasons,
land a circle of life.

(Second Verse)

Crops are dying,
and people as well. 
Water is freezing,
animals are migrating.
If only we could join them.

(Third Verse)

Fools get discouraged,
farmers get depressed.
Warriors won't leave home,
tailors are very busy,
preparing winter coats.

(Fourth Verse)

Don't get discouraged,
the gods will bless us
in the spring. 
And if you leave us,
we will see you again.


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  • Glytch Montoya

    (Insert another witty comment).

    Great work, by the way!

    about 2 years ago