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A World In Ruins: Chapter One

December 3, 2017


The thing about walls is that they only keep one nation or city safe. On the other of walls, the people's only defense is their own walls. This was almost the case with the Argonia Wall. It was a wall surrounding a swamp, where a group of people called the Swampmen lived. The Kingdom of Argonia owned the wall, the Swampmen had no walls. 

The wall was built by King Dumas, to protect his kingdom against the supposed savages that were the Swampmen. The belief that the Swampman were savages went to the the current King, Leonard. The only difference was that he wanted to conquer them, and make them Argonian.

To do this, he sent out a small force of around fifty men to the swamp. The force was led by a man named William Armstrong. 

"We are making good time sir," His second-in-command, Daniel Cartwright said. He was getting slightly sick for, being in a boat so long, but he knew he would manage.

"Indeed," Armstrong said,"We will conquer the savages in due time!"

His men did a shout if agreement. Soon afterward, an arrow flee threw the air, just in front of Armstrong's nose. He turned to see who shot it, but he saw no one. 

Suddenly, five men jumped out of the murky water, then landed on the boat. They each stabbed a man with a spear, then jumped off into the water.

The ambush happened so fast, no one knew how to react. 

Armstrong was about to give an order, but he saw an object flying towards him.

It was thing he ever saw.


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1 Comment
  • Glytch Montoya

    It was the [last] thing he ever saw?

    Great work, by the way. I'm just now getting around to catching up on your writing.

    over 2 years ago