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By: chrysos

Stars in our eyes, blinded by Lies. Call it Patriotism.

Though I do love living in America, lately, there has been a lot of controversy over what the USA really is as a government, as a people, and so on. We show our love for our country, but how do we really know if everything we're told is the truth? We believe what we do is just and right compared to other countries, but how come we don't act like so? The "stars" is referring to either the stars on the flag, or the prominent people in our country, including famous politicians. I have no idea what I'm really doing with this prompt.

Peer Review

'blinded' - it's that idea of a conflict between the will to trust and love one's own country and the simultaneous awareness that the media, the politicians or any number of other factors could be hiding the truth from you. It's too hard to admit, though, that you're finding it hard to trust your own country in the midst of all the falseness - so most people will just ignore any qualms they have and mindlessly follow the ideal, just because it's easier.

It's quite politically loaded and deals in a really short space with a really complex question and conflict that many people have. I also catch a tone of bitterness and acrimony, as well as regret.

Reviewer Comments

This was a really effective way of conducting this prompt and really caught my eyes. Don't say you don't know what you're doing - this was really well written. I'd love to see this idea expanded though, and maybe referred to in a more subtle way now that you've devised the premise - could you create a scene of a play based around it, or maybe a section of prose centering around it?
Well done - this really struck me as an especially nice way of using the prompt. I hope to see more of your work on the site in future!