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My Lost Life

June 30, 2014

I was told a few months ago that we are going to Japan, I was excited at first but, than I found out I would have to leave my best friend. I felt awful and I didn't want to tell him but, a part of me knew he would understand. I'm sorry, I forgot to indroduce myself I am Allison Whimrey I am a junior and that best friend i'm talking about is Milo Watson the most intresting guy I have ever met... Anyway I got on the plane and had a feeling of dread, I forgot to text Milo. Not realizing I spoke out loud my mom asks "You What?" "I forgot to text Milo" I said. "Oh ok" I was about to say something until the plane lifted off the ground. That shut me up right away. It's going to be a long 12 hours and 23 minutes from Minnesota to Japan I thought. 12 hours 23 minutes and a few barf bags later we were in Japan. I immediately got off the plane and took in some huge breaths. My stomach dropped it looked nothing like the little town in Minnesota it was somewhat warm but there were so many people I couldn't even see in front of me. "It's different not having your father with us isn't it dear?" "Yes mom, but since dad went to prison nothing has been the same." "But it will be a good change, won''t it?" Yes Mom! I'm sorry, I'm just getting homesick already, I mean without Milo and being at a different school, I honestly don't like it here.." "you just got here give Japan a chance there are so many opportunities for you." We walked to the hotel in silence. I put my suitcase on my bed and said to myself "Is it possible to feel homesick in a place that you have never been before? The Germans think so- they even have a word for it:"Fernwah"..... and perhaps it was Fernwah that I felt." And I will feel it for all these years to come. I will never be the same. I miss Milo Watson. I miss Hitterdel Minnesota, 202 people in all, at least when I remember it. I miss Hitterdel High. I miss the Spartans the best football team (even though I never got into it). I even miss my dad. I'm going to miss my life. My real life. The life I used to live. I will NEVER EVER forgive my mom for this.


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