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The killing of Animals That Shouldn't be Happening

October 8, 2015

Do you ever wounder how you get the food you are eating for dinner tonight?Have you ever went hunting or killed anything for food? Well I never went hunting in my life, but there are some people who just kill animals just for fun.Think about a little dear that is all alone in the wild without anyone to take care of it well guess what you killed that deers mom and dad just for fun and now that little deer will probely die soon because of you.I'm an animal lover and I know the words i'm writing for this compotition is just my opinion, but if you really think about how many animals are dieing each day from hunting then you start to wonder about if we will have anymore animals left to hunt.Madye if we have a event where you only can kill 5 animals when you hunt or mabye we can have a place where there is a electronic deer that you try to kill.Those are just ideas on how to prevent animals from getting killed and I know you can probely make some more ideas too,but what if we did one of my ideas or yours would we have more animals let for the future or would they still be dieing of natural causes.And i'm not saying that we shouldn't kill animals i'm just saying we shouldn't have a lot of people kill animals that did nothing to us.​ If I was a person that liked to hunt and to go hunting every day then I might have a different prespective on hunting and the animals that you kill while you are hunting. None of my family likes to hunt so I don't really have anyone to talk to adout this, but if I did they would probely say something like that the love to hunt and they don't care if animals are dieing because of them.And mabye they would say something like it doesn't matter if they shoot inecent little harmless creaters because there is no law or something saying that they cannot hunt so they do it.That's a way of making people stop hunting as well.We can make posters saying that you can only shot one deer when you hunt these grouds.In conclusion, we should do something about the deaths of  animals because we are killing too much and we should keep some for the future.


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