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Undead Hunter: Chapter Six

December 1, 2017


You went in the smithy basement, not knowing anything about the enemy down there. You see that the room isn't that large, around three meters wide. However it is rather tall, about five meters high.  In the basement had many tools that you expected a smithy may have, like hammers, anvils, and boxes upon boxes of metal. However, what stands out the most is the large, cast metal box sitting next to the wall. It seemed to full of liquified metal. You had no idea why Wallace had so much of the stuff, you wondered exactly what he was making. Suddenly, you felt a warm, painful sensation on your foot.

The Bauchan had somehow thrown the liquefied metal at your it.

You tried not to worry about the pain, and hoped it wouldn't get through your shoes.

You did this because you had more troubling things to worry about, like the monster that was here. You never saw it throw the hot liquid at you, the troubled you. 

Suddenly, a goat suddenly appeared in the center of the room. You remembered that Wallace said Bauchans can turn into goats. There was no mistaking it, this was the Bauchan. The Bachuan looked like it was getting ready to charge. You devoted a plan based on this.

You jumped towards the cast metal box, just barely making it there. The Bauchan repositioned itself, facing you. Then it charged, not accounting you would jump out of the way. Realizing that happened, it tried to turn, but tripped on it's on legs, falling into the cast metal box. Not wanting to take any chances, you push the entire front inside.

Wallace was sitting in a chair, trying to entertain his kids, so they wouldn't go into the basement. We you came back up, he was suprised to see you carrying a metal goat. You dropped in front off him.

"Here's the Bauchan," You say.

The kids go absolutely crazy, bombarding you with with questions.

Wallace gives you the promised 300 pounds, then you go home.
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  • Glytch Montoya

    Nice going, Bauchan! You're a (probably heavy) decoration now!

    Nice work, by the way.

    almost 2 years ago