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October 27, 2015

    As the years go my eyes start to open to what is actually happening in the world. All the destruction and inhuman acts toward other humans, however no one ever stops and thinks what we are doing to this place we call home. We live on a planet that takes care of us and all it asks in return is some care back and we as a race have neglected that. We as a race are a disease and we are killing our host. This however can also go another way, where the host kills us. This is a battle to the death and we will see who will win. 
                The first way this battle can go is that we kill the host. We as a race have been drawing on the resources our home as to offer and in using those resources we are killing our planet. Ironic isn't it. We are literally biting the hand that has feeding us for years. We are using up all of her resources and still asking for more and because of that we are killing our planet even further. Now just like any other living organisms it has fighting mechanisms in order to defend themselves from diseases like ourselves.
                The second way this can go is if the host kills off the disease before it dies. The earth has already started to do that. Most people don’t believe in global warming however there is something to say with the ever increasing temperatures along with all the sudden shifts in temperature. Let’s use the human body as an example. If you are sick with a cold or another disease your body tries to find its weakness, weather that be to freeze it off, or maybe heat it up. That is why you experience sudden body temperature changes. Your body is fight off the disease. Now apply that to the earth. What is happening? Some days it extremely hot, other times it extremely cold.
                Some can argue that it’s just the seasons but that does not explain the record topping highs and lows that we have been experiencing. We are killing our planet and its killing us. But we as a race can stop this war before it gets harsher. Let the earth do its job and we need to do ours. Plant some trees and stop cutting them down, ride your bike instead of taking your car. Not only will that help the environment but also your body too! It’s a win, win situation. If more people would just step back and see the planet as a living organism that we are slowly killing we would be living in a much heathier and greener world!


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