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We are all just clueless whispers of the same careless wonder, on the cusp of discovering greatness

Message to Readers

Hey guys, this is just a short story I made in the same universe as a book I'm writing. I would really love some feedback. All is welcome :)


November 27, 2017


‘The Sinclair sisters ran. They ran through the woods as fast as their legs would carry them. The dense snow causing them to be slow. Slow enough that the gruff, slippery voices behind them, solidified into black shapes, the closer they came.

"Come ou', come ou' where ever ya are."
There was a pause in their words and the whole forest went eerily silent.
"Ya girls can run but ya can't hide."

The girls stopped running and hid behind a dead oak trunk. Eleanor, the eldest of the three, held her sisters against the tree, shielding them from the blizzard and the men. "I need you to run, no matter what happens, run to the hunters lodge. You know where it is Meg. Take Lily's hand and don't let go of it. It is the only place you will be remotely safe." Eleanor hugged her sisters once more before unsheathing her Grandfather's sword. "Run girls, run and don't look back, I'll be right behind you. Now!"

Meg took her youngest sister's hand and ran. Against the blizzard, around the trees and through the thick snow.
"Eleanor, what if we don't make it there by sundown?" Meg questioned.

But no reply came. She stopped running and looked back as a shrill screech filled the air. Eleanor had surprised one of the men with her sword through his abdomen.  She swiped her sword and his head rolled. It hit the snow with almost no sound. She was as quick as lightning as she kicked another man in the face, sending him flying backwards.  

Lilliana couldn't watch anymore and was beginning to tear up, so Meg embraced her small figure. They couldn't risk being heard.

Meg's attention was drawn back to the fight when she heard Eleanor scream. Her foot had been caught and twisted causing Eleanor to collide with the tree and land in the snow. The biggest of the men picked her up by her beautiful red hair, out of the snow and held her in the air.

"Any last wor's?"

Eleanor just looked at the man with disgust and spat in his face. He landed an uppercut just under her ribs. And she gasped in pain.’

She covered her eyes. So much violence.
‘"We could 'ave selled you with the other 'wo little ones. T'would 'ave been fun breakin' ya. But t'would be even more fun and satisfyin just ta kill ya instead."

Meg knew she needed to start running again. But she couldn't take her eyes off her big sister. She watched as the big man dropped her into the snow and as two of the remaining five men picked her up and held her against the tree trunk. She watched as the big man picked up her Grandfather's sword and drove it straight through her heart, pinning her to the tree. She watched as her sister's blood ran down and stained her pastel blue dress, and as her body went limp and lifeless, draining her of all her natural beauty and colour.  She watched as the men just stood around laughing.’

“No, no, no, no, NO.  Not Eleanor!” ‘AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH’, she cried.
‘Liliana tugged on her cloak, averting her attention from her now dead sister. "Come on Lily, we have to go."  So Meg took her sister's hand once more and headed in the direction of the hunters lodge.

Sundown came soon after. Meg found a large tree, with root systems that formed a small room like shelter under its trunk. Exhausted, she decided that they could stay hidden within the roots until sun up. Inside, they crawled, it was warmer than Meg expected it to be. Lilliana layed down in the small space, and Meg curled up behind her. Both facing the one entrance. Meg held Lilliana as tight as she could without harming her and drifted off to sleep.

She awoke to the piercing cries of her little sister being pulled out of the roots. Out of her arms.

They grabbed her leg, pulling her out as well. She thrashed around, kicking and screaming until she too was in the snow.

"Ahhh, did ya fink that we coul'nt find ya. Stupid, stupid little girls."

The stars shone above. The irony.
"No matter where ya go. We'll always find ya."’
Slowly she closed her book, and with an enraged screech, it flew threw the air. Gravity pushing it harshly to meet her bedroom floor. Laura had never thrown a book in her 17 years of life. Until now.


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