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Undead Hunter: Chapter Five

November 29, 2017


You and Wallace walked to his smithy, where the Bauchan was wreaking havoc.

"So, what do Bauchans look like?" You ask Wallace.

"Oh, they be wee little lads," Wallace says,"But what they lack in size, they bring in speedy destruction."

He continues,"I can never get a look at 'em. All I know is they got curly horns," He says," Oh! Speaking off, be warned, those ne'er-do-wells can turn into goats." 

"Goats?" You say.

"It's a bigger menace then ya think," He says grimly. You can even see his moustache droop. 

Once you actually get into the smithy, you are greeted by some Scottish children running up to Wallace. Omce they notice you, the boy asks you a question.

"Why do you have an axe on yer belt?" He asks.

"I'm here to get rid of your Bauchan," You say.

The boy's eyes go wide, he's about to ask another question. However the girl of the duo interrupts, saying,"What is your name?" 

"Simon Melbourne," You say.

They would've asked more questions, but Wallace swiftly pushes you towards the basement.

"Alright lad, you kill that Bauchan, I'll give ya 300 pounds," Walcce tells you. He got to the point quick. You like that.

"If I damage anything, you can take it out of my pay," You say.

He seems shocked, then says,"Are you a Melbourne? Manchester was the most stingy of men!" 

"I'd feel bad if you had to pay if I destoryed your basement," You say.

He nods,"Understandable," He says. He then pulls out a key, and opens up the basement.

"Welp," He says," Good luck, laddie!"
I hope you like this series so far.


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  • Glytch Montoya

    Yup. So far so good!
    ...I wonder what that kid wanted to say...

    over 2 years ago