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Returning to Happy

October 6, 2015

PROMPT: Returning

There are many ways of returning. You could return to where you came from, you could return to your true self, one could even return to a place that they never recall being in the past. My own most notable story about returning is still occurring. I am returning to happy. 

When I was 11 my father died. When I was 14 my mother got remarried. When I was 15 I drove my greatest friendship into the ground. All of these occurrences allowed sadness to seep into my life. I was too preoccupied with making things worse for myself to stop it. 

My grades suffered and I was constantly grounded. My friends were ignorant to my situation and didn't care to learn. I cried nearly everyday and slept every chance I got. I questioned my religion and cared too much about how I looked. I let boys treat me poorly and acted in an unacceptable manner. 

As things started to level out, I realized no one was going to give me any pity. I decided it was time for me to get my act together. I raised my grades and put my heart into my school work. I got passionate about my work with livestock, leading me to become a national champion. I mended friendships and nurtured my most valuable relationships, including the one I shared with God. I returned to happy.  


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