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im sorry im so bad at poems lmfao

cruel gods - calypso

November 26, 2017


hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, they have said. and the words have never more meant more to you than now, heart pumping in your ears, the metal taste of blood swirling in your mouth.

cruel lips twist into cruel smiles and cruel words come, and you can hear the false gods fall. because here is a god, and the blood in your mouth means only that you are alive.

cruel knives carve cruel hearts open with cruel curiosity, and so those who warned crumble under the weight of the sky. golden wings pull you up, beckon you. you did not believe. you did not understand.

you pray for salvation, and there is laughter only, the laughter of someone once trodden who has risen. you should have prayed sooner.


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  • mxjnice

    I really like it. The vibe is really there, and you can feel the anger. Great work! c:

    over 2 years ago