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I love to read and write. I like the books Keeper of the Lost Cities, Percy Jackson, and Wings of Fire. I could rant for hours about Percy Jackson. I think Keefe is best for Sophie. I like the night sky too. I also believe in Jesus Christ.

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Any feedback is welcomed. God bless you and thanks for reading this poem, I appreciate your support.

The Other Side of Shira

November 26, 2017

PROMPT: Setting as Mood

Shira didn't think nor was like any other girl in the town. She almost seemed wild, like the untamed mythical creatures she worked with. Firian was curious about her, so he'd arranged to work with her over a project with one of the creatures. She didn't seem happy about working with him, she was cold to him and never talked to him unless she had to. She never invited him to help her with a difficult part of handling the creature and never offered him help, except just glared at him with arms crossed and a ridged stance. She seemed to be determined to not accept the fact that he was there to help her with it. She seemed distant, almost guarded. Her blue eye didn't give away any of her emotions, except coldness to him. She never parted her lips to speak unless she had to, and she seemed to be angry with the world. But when it came to animals, she seemed like a totally different person. She warmed up to them, her scowl twisted into a smile of joy and delight, her eyes melted and she became gentle with them, and most of all she seemed to be one of them herself. Hating humanity but loving the wild and them.


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  • AbigailSauble

    Sometimes animals bring out the best in people. ;)

    over 2 years ago