Ethan Wasiejko

United States

Message to Readers

Thank you so much for your time and consideration. I know that this may seem like it doesn't really relate to the environment, but I want it to stand out to people that what we as human beings do, we get in return. Caring for our environment and embracing it, keeping it safe, and letting it flourish on its own are just little things that can go so far. We live on Earth once-let's make the best of it. Until my next piece...Love, blessings, good health, and peace. -Ethan W.

Opposite Side

October 4, 2015

PROMPT: Ripple Effect

Karma is the ultimate killer. Staying positive, and being open-minded will save so many people from the terror karma can cause- believe me, I know. Keeping a negative mind set only allows people to focus on the negative piece of a situation. Little do they know that within every negative situation, there will always be a positive side of it. Finding it and embracing it is where the truth lies, and a new journey begins.
Reviewing this piece and editing it on my own, I realized that this doesn't speak much about the environment. However, I want it to put the message into the mind's of many that karma is real, and what we as humans do negatively will come back to us in some negative way as well. Remember- you can't ever redesign your past. But you can always design your future... so make it look nice! -Ethan W.


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