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Undead Hunter: Chapter Four

November 25, 2017


You went back into your house, and decided to go to sleep.

The next day, you went to the nearby village of Shingleton. You figured someone would have work in the undead hunting business for you.

"Hey, you!" Someone says in a thick Scottish accent,"You the Melbourne that owns the house?"

"Yes," You say,"My name is Simon Melbourne."

"Ah, so that bloke Manchester finally died, eh?" The Scot laughed,"Good god! It took forever! Names Wallace Parham, by the way," 

He extended his arm for a handshake, so you did the polite thing and did do.

"You didn't like him?"

"No one did, Lad. But he never bothered us, so we never bothered, 'im,"

"We're you aware that he hunted undead people?"

"Oh sure," He said, stroking his large moustache,"Some hired him to get rid of local spirits and the like. Afterward, he took his payment and left." 

"Do you know how he died?" You say,"I was never told."

"The doc said 'e had a stroke," Wallace says,"I don't get in involved in such matters."

He then looks and asks,"You becomin' one of those Hunters?"

"Yes," You say.

"Well then," He says,"I can give ye a job," 

"Really?" You say, not expecting to find a job this quickly,"What is it?"

"You see," He begins,"Me and my sons run a smithy here. I know not many people use swords and the like as much, but m efamily has done so for generations. Anyhow, in our basement, I here voices. Sometimes, I 'ear tables flipping, liquid metal being poured in the floor. I believe- nay laddie, I know I have a Bauchan in me house!"

"A Bauchan?" You ask.

"I didn't expect someone this far south to know," Wallace says,"There a type of hobgoblin native to Scotland. There tricksters, and can be a real threat if not taken care of."

"Did this one follow you?" 

"You're damn right he did!" He yells,"Those lil demons are the reason I left Scotland!"

"All right," You say,"I'll see what I can do. Can you led me to your shop?"



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  • Lee Fudge

    I am not sure how to pronounce Bauchan. Simon is English.

    about 2 years ago
  • Glytch Montoya

    Two questions: First, how do you pronounce "Bauchan"? Second, does Simon Melbourne have an accent? If so, what kind? (Wait, that's technically three questions if the answer to the second one is yes!)

    Great work, by the way.

    about 2 years ago