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That sort of person - Scarface

By: roxy goth

1. Scarface is the sort of person who'll save you from falling if he's on your side, but drop you if he's not.
2. He's the sort of person who'll protect you, but also insult you.
3. He'll love you but be able to rattle of a list of 10 things he hates about you if asked.
4. If it was up to Scarface world peace would be achieved with a round of PG Tips.
5. He embraces change, but loves the old stuff. 

Message to Readers

I want feedback on what kind of character you make of Scarface, please.

Peer Review

Line three. Scarface is a gangster who has to keep his enemies closer than his friends, and he can never fully trust anyone, lest he be betrayed or taken advantage of.

No! His thoughts about you could change in a heartbeat and you could be dead before the end of the car ride if he became volatile enough.

Reviewer Comments

Assuming that this "Scarface" is the Scarface portrayed by Al Pacino, then your descriptions are spot on. Knowing the nature of Tony Montana, I'd include something about his addictive personality. All in all, good work!