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A trip down memory lane - part five.

October 4, 2015


                                                                      A surprising revelation.
“Aw! My ears are killing!” was the first thing Annie hollered as they appeared in Scarface’s head.

“Hold your nose, hold your breath and blow.” Mary advised. The others [who also had the popping sensation] did the same.

“Ugh, that was horrible guess we know what old Andy meant by a popping sensation.” Said Gwen.

“Everyone sorted?” Billet checked. They nodded. “Good. Now…Andy’s list…”
·          First meeting.
·          First date.
·          First kiss.
·          Wedding.
·          Deciding on housing situation.
“That’s random.” Kevin said, from over Billet’s shoulder.

“Random or not, they’re the memories that are missing, so they’re the memories we need to find.’

“Right, well then, I think it’ll be better if we split up and take a memory each.” Harvey suggested.

“Right, okay then.” Billet agreed.

Looking around them for the first time they noticed the scenery looked very peaceful. It was a field, with a blue sky and it had a calming effect on all six kelso’s. That wasn’t the only thing though, there were also trees, about 6 of them, 4 of them filled with leaves, the first and final tree though only had about half the amount the others had, as the kelso’s watched they noticed another leaf growing on the final tree.

“Whoa.” Mary breathed. “This is awesome!”

“Very ‘awesome’” a voice agreed from behind. “Although I think it would be more English to say, ‘wizard.’”

Turning around the kelso’s were met with a strange sight. 2 Scarface’s. One in white, one in red. Both had the burn on their face, and both had smiles at the kids’ confused glances.

Harvey voiced what they were all thinking. “Who the ‘ell are you?”

“Alex Angel and Debian Devil.” The angel introduced. “No need to introduce yourselves, we know precisely who you are.” And proceeded to point out each kelso in turn.

“How…” Billet spluttered.

Seeing his confused face the angel took pity. “We are your uncle Scarface, I’m his good side and Debian’s the bad side.”

“Didja hav’ to tell them that?” the devil huffed. “After all, you’d have thought the red and white outfits would hav’ givin’ ‘em a clue, wouldn’t ya? They ain’t idiots you know.”

“Aren’t idiots.”

“Yer alright, what are ya? An English teacher?”

Alex opened his mouth to reply, but Mary got there first. “Hold on a minute.” Both devil and angel turned. “Does the name Andy mean anything to you?”

“Course’ it does. He’s our ‘usband.” Debian stated, staring at Mary like she’d grown two heads.

“But, the whole point that we’re in here is because Scarface’s lost his memory and we’re trying to get it back…”

“But if you’re Scarface and he’s lost his memory…how do you know who Andy is?” Annie finished, catching on.

Alex and Debian smiled at each other. “We were wondering when you’d catch on. Follow us.” So they did, through the fields, till they reached a door.

“Come on in.” Alex smiled, pushing the handle.

“This reminds me of Narnia.” Mary breathed. Inside it looked nothing like Narnia, they walked straight into a little corridor, which looked to Gwen to be the size of a postage stamp, to the left there was a clearly visible kitchen, homing an oven, microwave and fridge and nothing more, to the right were stairs.

“Up there is our room.” Debian said, already anticipating Mary’s next question. “And through the next door is the control room.”

“We’ll show you.” Andy pushed the door that was directly in front of them open. Inside the control room were two sections of the room, with a step to connect them. There was a massive screen, a bit like a cinema, covering the front, showing old Andy’s place. On the left side there were loads of buttons and levers, on the right there was a control panel homing one button and a microphone, but nothing more. To the sides were two beds, sitting on one of them was another Scarface, this time with no burn, and wearing a checked blue and white shirt with sky blue jeans and trainers.

He noticed them and stood up. “There you are! Scarface! They’re back!”

Cue thumping behind them and another Scarface ran in, once again with no burn, but this time wearing a plain black tee-shirt, dark blue jeans and purple striped glasses. “Halleluiah!”

“Wait – how many more of you are there?” Kevin asked dumbfounded.

“Just us four.” Alex answered calmly, as the Scarface with the glasses began to yell.

“Where the hell where you?!”

“Out.” Debian responded immediately. “We told ya.”

“You stood at the door and yelled ‘we’re going.’.”

“Yeh, I would hav’ thought that suggested we were leaving the ‘ead.”

“Well, I thought you were going upstairs!”

“Oh yeh! Cos I always yell ‘I’m goin’ out’ wheneva’ I go upstairs – ya prick!”

“GUYS! LANGUAGE!” the checked Scarface turned to the kelso’s. “Sorry about that. I’m Johnaowl by the way – the one with the glasses is Scarface.”

“Right –so let’s get this straight. There is a devil and angel who are your good and bad side – right?” Mary pondered.


“So – what are you guys?” She turned to Scarface and Johnaowl.

“We are what are known as ‘archetypes.’ Archetypes are people who come into the head and take over from the devil and angel, usually on a temporary basis, say, if the devil and angel are going through stress and can’t control the head. They are called temporary archetypes.” Johnaowl explained.

“Yeh, they can stay anything between 6 months, which is the minimum and 2 years, which is the maximum.” Scarface said.
“If they exceed 2 years, they become volunteer archetypes. They stay between 2 and 5 years. If they exceed 5 years they become permanent archetypes, and stay in the head forever.”

“That’s what we are.” Scarface indicated himself and Johnaowl.

“Okay…but that leaves one question, why, are, you, guys, here.” Harvey asked curiosity clear in his voice.

All four Scarface’s looked at each other. “Shall we…”

“Is it time…”

“It’s been thirty-one years…”

“May as well, never going to be any betta’ time is there?” on that final word from Debian, they all looked at the kelso’s.
Alex stepped forward. “Follow us and we’ll show you everything. Debian, you’re with me. John and Scar – you two stay here, in case any memories unlock themselves.” Signalling for the kelso’s to follow him he left the room.

When none of them moved Debian harshly whispered into Billet’s ear, “That means ya meant to actually follow ‘im.”

After almost jumping out his skin, for the third time that day, Billet gathered his senses and flustered. “Right okay, Erm, which way do we go?”

With an exaggerated eye roll Debian sighed. “‘Onestly – times like this I give up. Follow me, and just so we’re clear when I say follow me I mean you have to move, not stand there like statues.”

Confused and subdued all six kelso’s followed Debian out the head, leaving an impatient Scarface and a board Johnaowl to wait the memories out.
The rest of the chapters are on my prfile. Next bit shoud be coming soon.


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