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October 4, 2015

PROMPT: Ripple Effect

    I was once told that in the valuable life skill of small talk, there is one basic rule of thumb: never discuss Religion, Money, or Politics--instead, talk about weather.
    The trouble is, weather is climate change, and climate change is Politics, or at least it has become so: another dead bill in Congressional committees, another buzzword slathered in denial and anemia, our glacial reaction while the glaciers melt.
    But weather and climate change are also Religion, because isn’t God going to save us all before the oceans swallow us or the droughts fry us or the food shortages starve us?
    It is Money, because as long as Exxon’s name is on those underground oil deposits, you can bet those assets won’t be stranded--we absolutely did go to Iraq to take away their WMDs--they’re called fossil fuels.
    If you want me to sew my lips and talk about the weather, I will bring you the storm.

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