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How A Human Becomes a Robot

November 24, 2017


Example: Persues "Percy" Helvectica, founder of Helvectica Labs.
Step One: Find A Dead Person

Perch was 87 at death, an is dead, so he fits this step.

Warning: Don't kill anyone! They will become a revenge bot and kill you!

Step Two: Take Out Their Brain.

Use a scalpel, give it a doctor, and tell them to do it, cause you are to squeamish.

Tip: Get a doctor with a medical lisence. We found this out the hard way.

Step Three: Make a Robot Exoskeleton.

Make it look like the person's body, so they have something familiar.

Step Four: Put Electirc Wires in the Head Part.

Self Explanatory.

Step Four: Put The Brain in the Head Part.

This is a process known as, "Electrocuting the Brain So Hard, It Can Think Again, (Pantent Pending)".

Congrats, you have revived someone! Note they are technically undead, so watch out for hunters!


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  • Glytch Montoya

    ...Asked, and answered!
    Good work!

    ...You said "Step Four" twice, by the way.

    about 2 years ago
  • Lee Fudge

    Please see the warming under step one.

    about 2 years ago
  • -Foxmillionaire-

    Ooh! I should try this on my brother! (Oh wait I guess he isn't exactly dead......meh I'll work that out.....) *followed by maniacal laugh* ;)

    about 2 years ago