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A trip to the sweet store.

October 4, 2015


“Blaize, hurry up!” Farenheight called from the path.

Blaize, who had started daydreaming snapped into action and hurried after her sister. “Sorry, Faren.”

“Just try and keep up with me, its Market day, I don’t want to lose you.” Faren explained as she gentle pushed her way through a couple of people.

Market day happened once every month usually on a Sunday. Market stall owners would gather in the streets to sell things and competitions would be run for the children to display their fire-powers and try to win prizes. Blaize used to love them when she was younger, Faren had never been so keen, preferring to read in a corner somewhere or better yet just stay at home in the castle.

Eventually they made it to the other side and the sisters let out a sigh of relief. “The sweet shop’s this way, Blaize.” Faren instructed, dragging her younger sister by the arm.

Blaize rolled her eyes. “I know Faren, I probably know this place better than you, you hardly ever go exploring.”

“Princesses don’t go ‘exploring’.” Faren said, softly.

“You used to. Me and you went exploring all the time when we were younger, remember?”

“Yes, I do, but by the time I was your age I’d stopped.”

“Yeah well, 15 isn’t that old, you know?”

“It’s old enough. Back in the Victorian ere you were married of by 14.”

“Good job we’re not there now then isn’t it?” Blaize retorted. But she understood where her sister was coming from, Farenheight had a tendency to live in the past despite the fact she was only 17. Baize blamed it on all the books she read, filling her head with ideas and ‘what if’s’.

“Oh no…” Faren slowed down as they reached the outskirts of the town. The sweet shop was on the edge of the town by the fire-gates which stopped intruders from entering. Big orange, red and yellow gates with little flames at the top. This was also the place the resident ‘bad boys’ hung out. Smoke to Ashes as they were called where a group/accapella band consisting of of six teenage boys, who thought of themselves as ‘Lady-charmers’ and who everyone else thought of as ‘those complete and utter dolts’. Or as Faren and Blaize liked to call them ‘the red-hot imbeciles’. “It’s them.”

“So?” Blaize said, somewhat aggressively. “We’re royalty, they have to respect us.”

“Not necessarily, Blaizy..."

“C’mon let’s go. And would ya stop calling me ‘Blaizy’?”

As the girls walked past the leader of ‘Smoke to Ashes’ one Centigrade Lava parted from the group and ran over to them, finishing with a twirl and a smile. “Wassup, girls?”

“Nothing. Now kindly get lost.” Blaize said, glaring.

“Sorry princess, no can do. We’ve been asked to perform at the Market celebration at 2:30, so we’re here for another, er, hour. Wanna chill with us?” Centigrade grinned at Farenheight, who’s eyes turned to slits.

“Not really no. Now get out of our way before…”

“Before what?” The leader of the imbeciles was grinning like a boy-band member now.

Faren smirked. “Before I tell dad you’ve been bothering us.”

Immediately Centigrade smirk fell. “Oh, well, sorry ladies. No harm meant, you know? Just my little joke…”

“Are we laughing?” Faren said dangerously. “I think not. Now get out of our way.”

“Course. Sorry princess. Princess.” He nodded at Blaize. “I didn’t mean no harm, I just really like you, you know?”

“Look crushes ,may be an acceptable reason to stalk someone in TV shows or literature, but this is real life, so for the last time, get. Lost.”

“As you wish your majesty.” With a sincere bow Centigrade went back to his group who all started patting him on the back.

“Eejits.” Faren hissed, throwing the door of the shop opened. “absolute creeps…”

“They’re just trying to get to you, Faren.” Blaize sighed. “Ignore them.”

One peppermint-flame later and Faren and Blaize were back home.

“Hello darlings, were have you been? Dinners on the table, Blaize I’ve moved your revision stuff to your room, alright sweetheart?” Queen Ashley, AKA mum was in the living room, watching some TV. Her black hair was piled high, her dress was silver but rumpled and her silver heals had been kicked off under the table.

“Thanks.” Blaize said, a bit stiffly. She despised being called ‘sweetheart’.

“That’s lovely, thanks mum. Where’s dad?” Faren asked.

“At the table, already eating. I won’t be joining you, I’ve already had tea.”

Dinner was chilli and rice. Sure enough there dad, AKA King Billus was already half finished. “How’d you get on with revision?” He asked, as soon as the girls had sat down.

Blaize resisted the urge to roll her eyes. “Yeah it went all right.”

“How much did you do?”

Blaize paused, a spoonful of rice half a centimetre away from her mouth. “Dang it.” She banged her fist against the table. “Faren, how much did we do?”

Faren sighed. “We did half an hour together going over powers and skin couler, but Blaize must have been studying for at least another half an hour prior to that.”

“Only half an hour!?” Blaize looked at her sister in amazement. “Are you sure? I felt sure it was longer…”

Faren dabbed at her mouth before continuing. “No, because my Sons of Lava CD last for 35 minutes and you came up to tell me to turn it down after the first song and I came down after it had finished. So maybe a bit longer? But I’d average it at half an hour.” Faren took a sip of tea.

Billus was smiling. He had food in his pink beard and the arms of his robe were hanging in his chilli, but he didn’t seem to notice. “That’s good. I’ll let you of revision for tonight then, Blaize. Sounds like you’ve done enough, but a bit more tomorrow alright?”

Blaize sighed, flicking her spoon in boredom. “Yeah, alright…”
Second bit for the Scorchers. A part of my HotNCold world. 


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