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Undead Hunter: Chapter Three

November 24, 2017


The five Revived Corpses seemed confused.

"Your property?" The one you were aiming at said,"What happened to Manchester?"

"Uncle Manchester died," You say.

"Uncle?" He says,"Oh! Your Simon?"

"Yes," You say.

"Then, you must let us live here, we have a co-"

You weren't very interested in what he had to say, so you shot him. He...died? You didn't know what to call it. Honestly, it kinda bugged you.

"Right then," You said,"How are you guys...uh..."

"R-reanimated?" One of Revived Corpses said.

"Yeah, how is that?" 

"Oh, your uncle made us like this," 


"He got a book, and he said some things and..." 

"There is no possible way you know this," 

"Well, to be honest, we don't know,"

You shot them all put of impatience. Honestly, you felt good about getting unwanted guests of your property.


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1 Comment
  • Glytch Montoya

    I would've been a little bit curious as to what the reanimated corpses had to say... (I'm trying to avoid calling them zombies, since they seemed so nice!)

    about 2 years ago