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Lil Destructo: Chapter Three

November 24, 2017


Lil Destructo walked through the the country side, killing any adult in sight. Soon Julius Helvectica got word of this.

Dr. Helvetica went into the engineering room, and discovered that half the staff had been killed, due to being punched. 

"How did this happen...?" He said. 

Lil Destructo was essentially a suit, a person inside controlled the actual body. Checking the security camera, he saw a person go into the suit. They apparently hide to get away fro, security guards, but it was unknown why.

Then, the person did a triumphant laugh, then the suit started punching itself, killing the man inside. Since, the man inside couldn't get out, Lil Destructo could run forever, since it had the require,not of someone being inside him.

But how did the suit control itself? That was the real question. 
I just remembered this was a thing.


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