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Undead Hunter: Chapter Two

November 24, 2017


You went outside to the graveyard, which was as well kept as you saw. It was as if someone was living there.

In fact, you thought someone, or something was.

To test this theory, you dig a hole in one of the graves, being sure not to get the casket. You thought 'Sheldon Barns' wouldn't mind. You hide behind a nearby tree, and hide. There was an axe in the tree, so you pulled it out, thinking it would be a great weapon. Suddenly, a human-like figure shambled out of the mausoleum, walking to the grave you dig a hole in. He seemed suprised, trying to cover up the grave with the dirt. You charged at the figure, smashing it into it's head.

You confirmed it was in fact, a person. However, it wasn't alive...and because you put an axe in its head. Its skin was complete pale, as if its skin hadn't seen light in years. 

If this...thing had friends, they would check what happened to this guy. So in the meantime, you decided to investigate the graveyard.

There was a fountain, shaped like an...angel? Soldier? It's too....abstract to actually tell what it is. There was hedges, trimmed rather neatly. They're was even those hedges shaped like animals. You remember them since the last time you visited the house, and you remember playing with them.

You remember the graveyard was mentioned in the letter you got when you inherited the house. You decided to read it over again.

Dear Mr. Simon Melbourne,

We regret to inform you your uncle died. On the plus side, you have inherited your uncles house. You have many responsibilities, including taking care of the graveyard. Yes, you must trim the hedges, and dust the graves. Oh, and you may as well restore the house a little.


Percival and Daughter's Law Office.

You wondered why the letter told you to take care of the graveyard, and you felt like you were going to find out why.

Suddenly, a new figure shambled out of the mausoleum. You whacked your axe into it, then walked towards the mausoleum door. You kick it open, which is easy, due to it's age. 

Five figures looked at you in suprise. You can confirm that they are in fact, revived corpses.

"Why hell there," You say, pointing your pistol at one of them,"You seem to be living on my property."
Please tell me if you like the second person point of view.


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  • Glytch Montoya

    I like the second person point of view! It really allows us to put ourselves in the character's shoes. Good work!

    over 2 years ago