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November 24, 2017


1. It has been confirmed I am alive. 
2.I I have the best history grade in my class, at 99.
3. I like communism,
4. I play piano.
5. I feel like I could write a good song, given I took a decent amount of time.
6. Some have accused me of being funny.
7. You know those people you try to text properly? Yeah, that's me.
8. Some of my classmate actually like my writing.
9. My favorite anime is One Punch Man.
10. My favorite antagonist is Jean Descole form the Professor Layton series.
11. I think I'm the tallest person in my class, either that or it's a tie between me and some other kid.
12. I had eye surgery when I was three, my vision is still terrible.
13. Speaking of, I wear pretty strong glasses (I'm not sure how strong.).
14. I find lists pretty cool.
15. I live in Texas, but I was born in Indiana.
16. Sixteen is my age. 
17. Seventeen will be my next age.
18. I have no idea where I'm going to college.


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