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I've been writing short stories and poems independently for a while now. In fact, whenever I get the chance, I work on my short stories, for which I use the word "short" VERY loosely. I'm looking forward to seeing your opinions!

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Part 3 is up! It's been so long since I've updated this one!

Datadox (3)

January 23, 2018


    Glytch slowly crept through the dark alley, following the sound of two Shady Programs arguing. As he got closer, he was able to make out what they were saying. 
    "I wanna do it first," said a deep voice with what sounded like a Chicago accent. 
    Is that Craig? Glytch thought to himself. 
    "Nah, I oughtta do it first!" said another voice, this one with a higher, scratchy, Brooklyn-esque accent. 
    ...Finch, Glytch thought. That one's definitely Finch. 
    Glytch recognized those voices. He turned a corner, making sure he stayed hidden, and sure enough, he was right. It was Finch and Craig, a couple of Raizor's goons. 
    What did Raizor send them to do...? 
    "How about neither of you do it?" said a female voice. This voice sounded worried, with just a hint of sass. 
    "SHADDUP!" Finch and Craig shouted at the same time. 
    Glytch then noticed that Finch and Craig weren't alone. There was a female Program there, roughly Glytch's age. She was on the ground, backed up against a wall, and it was pretty obvious that she didn't want to be there. 
    Oh, I get it, Glytch thought to himself. This girl probably upset Raizor, so he sent his goons to "teach her a lesson." I'll bet Finch and Craig are fighting over who gets to hurt her first. Good thing those two aren't too bright. 
    Glytch then reached into his pocket, taking out a small case. He opened the case, took out his slide-on sunglasses, put the case away, and slid the sunglasses onto the frames of his glasses. Then, he put on the hood of his jacket, shifted his jaw to the side, and hunched over, acting like a Shade. (He's a pretty decent actor, so that helps, too). 
    "'Ey, boys!" Glytch said, adopting a scratchy voice and an accent similar to theirs. 
    Finch and Craig looked in confusion. 
    "Who da heck are you?" Finch asked. 
    "Dey call me Jaws." 
    "Why dey call ya that?" Craig asked. 
    "Keep askin' dumb questions, and you'll find out!" Glytch said angrily. "Da boss sent me ta finish da job." 
    "Peeerfect," Finch said, a malicious gleam in his one good eye. "Let's get 'er." 
    The three of them started closing in on the girl, who looked more and more frightened. Then Glytch started doing a fake sleazy laugh. Then, it turned into his regular laugh, because it was funny how Finch and Craig fell for it. 
    "What's so funny, Jaws?" Craig asked. 
    Glytch then elbowed both of them in the gut and back-handed them in the face! They both fell like stones. He then straightened his jaw, took off the hood, and looked at the girl. She had long, flowing black hair, crystal clear blue eyes, fair skin, and scattered freckles on her face. She was wearing a sky blue tank top, jeans, and blue tennis shoes. She also had some blue-tinted goggles that were sort of functioning as a headband (but not very well). 
    "I know this sounds extremely cliche," said Glytch in the slightly-deeper-than-normal voice he uses when he has on his sunglasses (nobody can explain it; I'm not even sure if HE realizes he's doing it), "but come with me if you want to live." 
    Glytch extended his hand to help the girl up. She hesitated. 
    "...Uh, what's the holdup?" 
    "Hang on a sec," said the girl, her voice full of sass. "I'm evaluating my options." 
    "Oh, okay, okay, take your time... Actually, this place is about to be crawling with Shades, so I'd suggest that you speed this up a bit." 
    She thought for a few more moments, then took Glytch's hand. She did it just in time, too, since at that moment, they both heard the sound of a bunch of Shades running towards them from deeper in the alley. 
    "Yeah, we should run," Glytch said. 
    "Good idea," the girl agreed. 
    They started to run through the opening, but before they got the chance, they saw the shadows of a ton of Shades coming from that opening, too! 
    "Gah, dosh garnet!" Glytch exclaimed in frustration. 
    "Uuh, I think you said that wrong," the girl said, giving Glytch a weird look. 
    "I said what I said. Ugh, we-we're not gonna be able to lose them on foot." 
    Glytch then looked around him a little bit, and got an idea. 
    "Looks like I'll have to get creative." 
    He then looked closer at the air around him, deep into the molecules composing the air. Atoms. Protons. Neutrons. Electrons. Whatever those are made of. And at the very core, the most basic component... Code. 
    Glytch reached into the air, and, very quickly, grabbed a strand of code literally out of thin air. He immediately started manipulating it, adding more and more strands as he went. 
    "Uh, what're you doing?" the girl asked. 
    "I-I'm coding, what's it look like?" Glytch responded without stopping. 
    Once he had a decent amount of raw code in his hands, he shaped it and twisted it, with the code glowing more and more as he shaped it, until he had a near-definite shape. He then added one final touch, and the jumble of twisted code transformed into a hover cycle! (Keep in mind: Glytch is 16, and therefore not licensed to drive a motorcycle. However, this was more like a flying scooter... That can go from 0 to 90 in under a second.) 
    Glytch quickly hopped onto the cycle. 
    "Hop on," he said. 
    "Uh, is this thing safe?" the girl asked, concerned. 
    "As l-long as you hold on, yes. I mean, if you'd rather stay here with the Shades, I won't stop you." 
    The girl thought for a (very brief) moment, then hopped onto the cycle. 
    "G-Good choice. I'd hold on tight if I were you. This thing is gonna go CRAZY fast." 
    Then, the girl wrapped her arms around Glytch, much to his surprise. 
    "Oh! Uh, o-okay, that's one way to do it." 
    Glytch then revved the engine (engine? motor? battery? something). 
    "Gotta go fast!" 
    Then, with the push of a pedal, they shot out of the alley, moving so quickly that everything around them was just a blur! 
    "Do you do this all the time?!" the girl yelled. 
    "I-If you're talking about the hover cycle, nope! This is the first one I've ever made! But don't worry! It's totally stable! You know, probably!" 
    "Oh, great! That makes me feel SOOOOO much better!" the girl said sarcastically. 
    "I-I'm Glytch, by the way. What's your name?" 
    "Skylar. Skylar Birches. You can call me Sky." 
    "Well, it's a pleasure to meet you, Sky. OKAY, we're almost to my house. Those Shades won't be able to track us there!" 
    Glytch was silent for a moment. 
    "OKAY," Glytch said, "I just realized that I didn't code any brakes or any form of a decelerator! We're gonna have to jump!" 
    "WHAT?! ARE YOU NUTS?!" 
    "P-POSSIBLY! But don't worry, I've done some rough calculations, so if we jump at the exact same time, we should be fine!" 
    "Should be?!" 
    "D-Do you know how to tuck and roll?" 
    "Yes, of course!" 
    "Th-then you'll be fine! Okay, when I say to jump, we both need to jump at the same time, got it?" 
    "Got it!" 
    "Good! Okay, ready?" 
    "Me neither! One, two, three, JUMP!" 
    They both jumped off of the cycle, tucked, rolled, and tumbled a little bit! The cycle kept going, took a sharp upward turn, and disintegrated into strands of code that scattered into the wind! 
    They both stood up, breathing heavily, brushing the dirt off of their clothes. 
    "You okay?" Glytch asked. 
    "Yeah, I'm good," Sky replied. "You?" 
    "No worse than when I woke up this morning." 
    Glytch then slid the sunglasses off of his glasses, took the case out of his pocket, put them in the case, and put the case away again. 
    "Well," Glytch said, his voice back at its regular pitch, "I-I think we can call this a success." 
    "Wait," Sky said, taking in her surroundings, "is this Server City Suburbs?" 
    "It's really nice looking. Much better than the city, at least." 
    "Y-Yeah, I much prefer smelling flowers on the sidewalks over smelling cigarettes on the streets." 
    Sky laughed a little. 
    "Yeah, that's definitely a plus," said Sky. 
    "W-Well, we should probably get inside." 
    Glytch walked to the front door, took out his key, unlocked the door, and opened it. He then stepped to the side, holding the door open for Sky. 
    "A-After you," Glytch said courteously. 
    "Oh, why, thank you," said Sky, giving a sarcastic curtsy as she walked through the door. 
    Glytch walked in after she was all the way in, closing the door behind them. 
    "Hm. Nice place," said Sky. 
    "Thanks. It w-was built for a family of five, but it's just me living here. Oh, um, do you want something to eat?" 
    "Sure. What do you have?" 
    "What're you in the mood for?" 
    "Do you have any chips?" 
    "W-What kind?" 
    "Sour cream and onion?" 
    "Let me check..." 
    Glytch then went to the chip cabinet, rummaged through it for a while, and retrieved an unopened "Party Size" bag of sour cream and onion potato chips. 
    "I a-apparently have a whole bag!" Glytch said with joy. 
    Glytch then got two bowls, put them on the table, opened the bag, and filled both bowls. He found a clothespin, used it to seal the bag, and put it back in the cabinet. Then, he and Sky sat down at the same time and started eating. 
    "Oh, man," Sky said between mouthfuls, "Who knew being in mortal danger would give someone such an appetite?" 
    "I-I knew. It happens all the time." 
    "Really? You find yourself in mortal danger all the time?" 
    "Pretty much, yeah. Although, I've gotten pretty good at getting out of it. Like b-back there with Finch and Craig! It, uh, it helped that those two were never the, uh, brightest sparks in the plug." 
    Sky laughed a little. 
    "Yeah," said Sky, "plus, those two could never stop arguing! They bicker like an old married couple!" 
    This time, Glytch laughed. 
    "Yeah, j-just don't say that to their faces. I made that mistake once." 
    They both stopped talking for a while. Sky had finished eating her chips, but Glytch wasn't feeling particularly hungry. His bowl was still half full. 
    "You gonna finish those?" Sky asked. 
    Glytch pushed the bowl over to her. 
    "H-Have at it." 
    "Thanks!" said Sky as she started digging into what was left of Glytch's chips. 
    "S-so," said Glytch, trying to strike up another conversation, "you new in town?" 
    "Yeah," said Sky, having finished the chips rather quickly, "I just moved here from Tracer Town. It's a nice town and all, but it just didn't have the same opportunities as Server City. Plus, I always wanted to see a different city. Uh, do you have any napkins?" 
    "Oh, right," said Glytch as he got up and grabbed a roll of paper towels from the pantry. "H-here ya go." 
    "Thanks," said Sky as she took a paper towel and put the roll on the table. "So, I've told you a bit about myself. It's only fair that you tell me something about you." 
    "O-okay. Uh, what do you want to know?" 
    "Well, for starters, how about your actual name? I mean, I'm pretty sure that you weren't born with the name 'Glytch'." 
    "Oh, I, uh, wasn't expecting you to ask that. Uh, the thing is, this is a bit of a difficult subject for me to talk about." 
    "Okay, it's fine if you don't want to talk about it." 
    "N-no, no, I want to talk about it. I want to be able to talk about it. It's just... D-Difficult." 
    Glytch sighed, then continued. 
    "I, uh, actually don't know my r-real name..." 
    "Wait, you don't know your own name?" 
    "It's... c-complicated. I-I'm a Faulty Program, so-" 
    "Well, I kinda figured that out." 
    "Wait, w-what? How?" 
    "Well, I noticed that little Faulty Stutter you have when you speak, and you keep twitching a little. I figured you were either a Faulty or just really nervous." 
    "W-well, aren't you a sharp one. Anyway, not all of my errors are external. In fact, the main one is the one that nobody can see unless they're looking for it..." 
    Glytch pointed to the center of his chest. 
    "...My Core." 
    "Wait, you have an error in your Core? How bad is it?" 
    "Well, I'm still able to function just fine, but it blocks off certain things. Mainly, anything about my true name, my Programmer, my origin, stuff like that. I r-remember that I was given the nickname Twitch at some point, for, uh, obvious reasons, and I didn't like the name. So, I reworked it a bit, got Glytch, and it stuck." 
    "Huh," said Sky. "I've never met someone with that kind of error." 
    "N-Neither have I. I'm quite the special case. I'm not sure if it's a Programming error, or if my code was tampered with, or what, but whatever it is, I can't extract that data. Although, I-I've come to terms with that. I have a nice life, good friends..." 
    Glytch looked directly into Sky's eyes. 
    "...Maybe a new friend...?" 
    They both started blushing just a little bit. 
    "Uh, anyway," said Glytch, "why were you in that dark alley with Finch and Craig?" 
    Sky hesitated. 
    "I, uh, don't really wanna talk about that." 
    "Hey, c'mon. I told you about my Core. You can at LEAST tell me about why you were in Shaders' Alley." 
    "Okay, fine. The truth is... I worked for Raizor." 
    "Wait, I, you, you WORKED for Raizor?" 
    "Yeah. I was his coder." 
    "Ah, y-you're a coder, too?" 
    "Yeah, and a pretty decent one, too. The thing is, Raizor wanted me to sabotage another crime boss's code." 
    "WHAT?!" Glytch exclaimed, standing up from his chair. "No way! Sabotaging organic code is one of the worst crimes there is! It's almost as bad as murder!" 
    "That's why I didn't do it! Well, that, and the crime boss was, uh, my dad." 
    "Well, that does seem like a good reason to not commit the second worst crime in the book," Glytch said, sitting back down. "So, what did you do?" 
    "I told my dad about it. Then, somehow, Raizor found out, and he sent those two goons to 'teach me a lesson'." 
    "Well, as long as you're with me, you'll be safe from them." 
    "Uh, how long does that security last?" 
    "I-I just said, as long as you're around me, you're basically untouchable. I make sure my friends stay safe." 
    "Then, why do you put yourself in mortal danger all the time?" 
    "Adrenaline rush. I'm trying to live my life to the fullest. Besides, I-I'm already a Faulty. I have less to lose. Plus..." 
    Glytch unzipped a pocket on his jacket, reached into it, and pulled out a small package. It looked like a granola bar, but the wrapper said "HEAL-'EM-UP". 
    "...I can a-always use some Heal-'em-ups!" 
    "Wait, what?" Sky said, a shocked smile on her face. "How did you get one of those?" 
    "Oh, I've got a t-ton of 'em. All it takes is a little bit of coding, a big bit of patience, and a ton of granola bars." 
    "Wait, you MADE them?!" 
    "I thought only the Programmers and the best coders EVER could make Heal-'em-ups." 
    "W-Well, then, I guess that means that either you're wrong, or I'm one of the best!" 
    "How did you get so good at coding?" 
    "Simple: I do it all the time." 
    "You said the same thing about mortal danger, and-" 
    "No, I mean I d-do it ALL the time. I keep strands of loose code in my p-pocket to toy with when I get bored." 
    "Seriously? Nobody does that. Prove it." 
    Glytch then took the strands of code out of his pocket, showing them to Sky. 
    "Those strands of code... They look like they've been manipulated in... Almost every possible way!" 
    "I-I'm always finding new ways to use the code. If you want, I could teach you a few tricks." 
    "Really? You'd do that?" 
    "Sure! I mean, since you'll be a-around for a while, I might as well. Plus, those skills can come in handy when you're one of the many, many, MAAANY Programs that Raizor wants dead. I can even show you a really good Hot Spot!" 
    "I don't see how any of the Hot Spots in the city could be-" 
    "Oh, no no no. I meant a R-REAL Hot Spot." 
    "...Aren't all Hot Spots the same?" 
    Glytch was silent for a moment. 
    Okay, Glytch thought to himself, Looks like I've got a lot of work ahead of me. 
    "Why are you looking at me like that?" Sky said, confused. 
    "Oh, Sky, y-you have so much to learn. C'mon, let's go." 
    Glytch then stood up, went to the door, and opened it, holding it for Sky, who stood up soon after. 
    "Where're we going?" 
    "Y-You'll see." 

Part 3 is finally up! It's been a while since I've updated this story, so I figured I'd do an update on this one and upload it! 

We are introduced to Sky, and we learn more about Glytch! 

More coming at some point in the future... 

By the way, what do you think of the story so far? Any thoughts on the characters? Any theories for what'll come next? (Keep remembering Kai. He will be VERY important later...) 


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  • Glytch Montoya

    I'm glad you enjoyed that part.
    I tried to make Sky believable and relatable.
    Imagine how awesome it would be to see it happen right in front of you! (Or to actually DO it!)
    Don't worry. I totally get it.

    over 1 year ago
  • LackingASocialLife

    "Dey call me Jaws."
    Also, I love Sky and the coding scene was awesomeeeee.
    Sorry, I'm exhausted and can't manage to string many words together at the moment. Thus the lack of comments...

    over 1 year ago