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Braving Life (Chapter Thirteen)

December 15, 2017


    I slowly stretched my back. "I can't believe I let him sneak up on me like that." A guy of about Jesse's age had crept up on me and Raska and chosen to attack me. I couldn't understand why he didn't go after Raska. After all, I saw the way Raska threw him across the field. It had not been a good time to be that boy.
    "It wasn't your fault. I should've been paying more attention," Raska scolded.
    "And Jesse got away?"
    "And Jesse got away."
    "He's so infuriating!"
    "Stay calm Death Star, Jesse is not our main target. We must be more practical than that."
    "Of course." I took a deep breathe. I could not be too angry with Jesse. I must stay cool, calm, and composed. I could not let my bias ruin the war. I sat back. I didn't know if I would ever see Jesse again but I sure planned to. And when I did, I was prepared to fight him. Raska didn't know the way he had betrayed me. I was proud of myself that I had not let him get to close to me. That was my main accomplishment in it all. My downfall was the way I had been willing to trust in Jesse like that. I'd let him own a special place in my heart. I was ashamed of myself. I was not letting myself get too close to anyone. Raska was the exception. Yes I had friends. Boyfriends and girlfriends. They were like family to me. But I would never put my entire trust into them. It was too dangerous. Jesse had taught me that lesson and I didn't want to be taught again. The room I was in was very large but it most certainly wasn't empty. Raska had hung posters all over the wall that had inspiring themes on them. He had several medals, endless paper, and an odd obsession with Justin Bieber. There were at least four posters of him, all of his albums, and even a mini statue of the singer. It made me cringe. I had never liked Justin. I was more for Katy Perry or Lady GaGa. I shoved my chair back and swung the door open. it was dark. I paused. I placed my hand on my flashlight and pulled it out. I didn't turn it on, I didn't want to attract attention to myself if there was an enemy intruder. The whole building was silent and I could not find a single source of light. I took the possible danger of making a noise. "Who turned out the lights?" Nothing. "Raska?"
    "Silence, little girl," a voice hissed. "Your life is in danger."
    "Is it? How so? Who are you?"
    "You would not wish to know."
    "Jesse!" I flipped my flashlight on. Jesse and a few other men stood blinking in the light. "Where is Raska?"
    "The rest are in the cellar."
    "What are you doing here?"
    "What is your leader's weakness?" Jesse inquired. "Tell us and you can go free."
    "Justin Bieber," I scoffed.
    "Justin Bieber. The Biebs. The popular singer. You know?"
    "He's a fan of Justin?"
    "Sadly." I abruptly exercised my power and threw them against the wall. They slid to the floor, stunned. Jesse, however, popped up with extraordinary swiftness. I growled, deep in my throat. "Are you indestructible?" I inquired.
    "I protected myself," Jesse calmly replied. "These wimps don't know anything but I know who you are and what you can do." He stepped closer. "Jeannie I'm sorry for what I've done to you." He sighed. "We could forgive and forget and change this world together. We could be a power couple."
    I almost teared up. He looked so sincere. "Jesse, you know I can't. It'd be pointless to even pretend." I looked at him and almost gasped in shock. His eyes were sad and she swore she saw a tear fall down his cheek. "Jesse, don't."
    "Jeannie, you don't understand how the Almighty treats us. I would be honoured if I brought you back unharmed and greater in strength than before."
    "Then join us if you want me. Or do you just want power?" I honestly hoped he joined us. Deep inside, I still liked Jesse but I knew that he would never join.
    "I've been with the Ruiners for years, Jeannie. I can't just step away from my friends like that."
    "You stepped away from your girlfriend, Jesse. I, for some reason, don't believe you one tiny bit when you say that stuff. I haven't known you for long but you're a bad liar."
    "You're such a softie, darling."
    "Don't, Jesse."
    "You love me."
    "Do you?"
    "Do I what?"
    "Do you love me or was that a lie."
    "You said I'm a bad liar."
    "Exactly. So it must have been love."
    "Jeannie." Jesse's eyes were like an ocean. They were sea blue and they seemed to be crashing waves. They looked tragic. "I don't know what I feel half of the time. I felt like it was love and then I didn't and now I think I love you again."
    "Jesse, how can I trust your whims and feelings? How can I trust anyone? I am staying where I am. If you want to join because you love me, so be it. Raska is very forgiving."
    "Jeannie I can't."
    "I hear someone coming. Tell me you want to join now and I will vouch for your lousy life. Say no and I might throw you and your thugs in prison myself. You have five... four... three... two...."
    "Over here!"I screamed. "They've got in! Come here fast! FAST!"  
    Jesse gave me a despairing glance as they grabbed his arms, handcuffed him, and pushed him away.


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