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"All good writing is swimming under water and holding your breath."
- F. Scott Fitzgerald

Message to Readers

Hi Everyone! Thanks for looking at my piece! The title is lacking a bit.... any thoughts? Also, I had a clear concept of what I wanted to convey here, would love to see what insight you all can gain, and if its what I originally had in mind. Thanks!


November 30, 2015


As I study the creases of time and age marks lining her face
I can see a sigh slowly escaping her slightly parted lips, 
and the cloud forming above her head, settling into a solid billow.
My hand reaches out, the dark mass different from anything that I,
in my summer's day life,
have ever known. 
I try to pull the sigh away 
only to find the minute I make contact
the taste of charred grease filling this overcast air,
the cloud hard and heavy
Full of rain, 
and lightning. 
and strife 
that have made it so laden 
that my strong arms cannot begin to shift the burden that she bears. 
She turns to me,
a painful smile lighting in the place I thought knew no happiness.
And as she sees my pitying looks, 
acknowledging the grey in her hair,
she reaches up, and blows on the sigh,
filling it with memories of different times. 
It lights up,
with a blurry glance at love, 
and visions of leaves being hit by the perfect light, the ocean lapping in the background, and the sweet melody of chickadees echoing in the wind.
And as a smell of my own freshly cut lawn bounces back
to wash across my stunned face,
She turns and whispers, 

"You should see my laugh."



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