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10 things i'd wish for, if wishing ever worked

November 23, 2017

1. that wishing would get me somewhere.
2. now that that's out of the way: that my family gets wishes too. familial love and duty comes above the self, after all, in such a culture as mine.
3. now that family is dealt with, on to myself — no, wait: world peace, et cetera. as a global citizen, i should not be wrapped up in my minuscule bubble which is the self. i should be connected to the world around me first.
4. finally — but i am a citizen of my country too: the continued growth of my country, which i am proud to be in. what the government has provided me with justifies a wish for my country to prosper, as per social contract theory, where i agree to contribute to my community.
5. now i should wish for myself. i'd wish for a wonderful, practically flawless appearance. it's not what i want most, but if i have a chance at being held in higher esteem by the people around me, i would be a fool not to seize it. after all, others' perception of me already influences my day-to-day decisions.
6. money. a lot of it. with money, i can do as i please, and not be held back by price tags (though i'd be ruled by my own wealth too — i'd hoard it, worry about it, want to show myself living the best possible life i can with it).
7. a fantastic degree and career, that, obviously, has high pay. if i sat around doing nothing all day, people would think i came into old money, and don't deserve it. with a great degree and career, i'd be even more highly esteemed. isn't that what we all want — acceptance and respect?
8. talent. forget "jack of all trades, master of none", i'd be a master of all trades, mediocre in nothing. i'd be athletic and artsy and have perfect pitch, because ultimately, it's the talented people who stand out the most. which is ironic, because reward in exchange for hard work is the global narrative right now, and yet, it is those born into talent who excel the best. hard work must still be coupled with talent, and so talent i shall have.
9. now on to what i really want, what i've dreamed of before wishing was a possibility. no, no, i forgot one thing. more wishes. infinite wishes, or one to match every cent that comes into my possession, to be precise, if infinity is just a theory to be disproved.
10. finally. i'd wish to achieve what everyone had said i'd never be. i'd wish to be a writer, a famous, published one, who could write anything and the world would fawn over it. never mind that i wouldn't have earned the right to be held so highly. no matter that what i'm famous for probably wouldn't be what i want to be famous for, because the bottom line is that i would be an acclaimed author.

what could go wrong? i have everything i want, everything i could wish for.
this is, of course, not entirely true. if i really had 10 wishes that would come true i would wish most of them selfishly, caught up in human temptation and self-preservation. this is a little satirical, and i hope it reflects the way the world around us affects our lives down to the smallest details, even our desires.


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