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Who's at the door?

By: Amelia :)

PROMPT: Birdsong

Clickity clack clickity clack
Honk honk 

Stomp, stomp, stomp.

Clickity clack clickity clack
Honk honk

The birdsong of my life. 

Peer Review

This poem uses all different kinds of onomatopoeia throughout and not just in respect to bird-sound which I find particularly interesting.

I love the finality of the last line. There isn't really a particular place that stands out as the poem is quite fluid in the way in which it works together to create one story.

Reviewer Comments

I highlighted areas which according to standard grammar rules need capitalisation however I think this may have been done for effect and it really works like this so if that's so, please leave it!
Your poem stood out to me because of your wonderfully unique take on the prompt given - nice one!!