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--RosieOnTheRun (from reality)--

United Kingdom

What am I meant to say here? That I'm an inspirational young writer wanting to share her talent with the world? Coz no. That's not me. I'm just a insignificant, invisible, voice. Trying to write in a pool of fears, and hoping the ink won't smudge.

Moon L.I.G.H.T chapter one

November 22, 2017


On the surface of the moon, deep in the bowls of the sea of serenity and only 60 km away from the 10m thick Pyrex dome protecting New London( or 'utopia' as the rebels call it with more that a bit of irony) is the New Sydney opera house.

it is a bizarre sight. The strange structure with its ethereal points like the hulls of many upturned boats surrounded by empty moon-scape. Protected by only a thin temporary done the building seems to shimmer in the airless sky and an abandoned drone stands, a silent sentry at the sealed door.

AGE: 15
APPERENCE: tall, short black hair, AIE implant 
OFFENCE: classified 
authorised: Helix Jarvis

It was beside this door that Zara Hanes found herself, in a too big moon suit and only 12.52 minutes of oxygen left. 

its only now, now that my oxygen monitor has started beeping and my AIE ink plant has decided to stream me tons of stories of people dying 'Outside' that it dawns on me.

this might  the last 12.52 minutes of my life.

and then I see it. The New Sydney Oprea house. 

For a a moment I wonder if it's a mirage, maybe my oxygen levels are lower than I thought, but no. I place a hand on the shimmering glass exterior, daring it to fade into gray plains, but it's real and all at once a sudden and desperate desire to live explodes out of me. I go mental. Hitting the door. Kicking. Shouting noiselessly inside my helmets. But my actions are slow and clumsy in the suit and there's no sound from my frantic knocking, of course there isn't, we're outside, there's no atmosphere, I learnt that in school. 

5.24 minutes of oxygen remaining 



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