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Beginnings; The doorways to hallway filled with more doors.

October 1, 2015

1) His hair was shaggy and black; falling to cover his bright gray eyes. He was tall and lanky and would have been popular, except they all remembered the events of 2008. He had been 7 then, a child who knew no better, but that never seems to matter.

2) The air was still, like almost every day in HenningHam County. It seemed the only time the air stirred was right before a thunderstorm or a tornado. The tornadoes never got too close though, Callum's orders; but the thundestorms didn't hesitate to bring an onslaught of destruction. Still, the populace of HenningHam County didn't emrace either because thunderstorms brought flooding and tornadoes... well the tornadoes brought Tris.

3) She never thought that things could change so rapidly, that love and death were so intertwined, almost like the twin serpants that wrapped around Hermes staff. She had grown up hearing about the gods and how they would punish her for her heretic behavior but Sophia never listened; Until she met Jason who was gone from her life as soon as he had entered it. Her mother, being the spitful women she was blamed Queen Hera for it as she did everything else in their lives. Sophia however,knew that something else was at play here, someone had killed her husband, someone more powerfull than the gods themselves.


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