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I'm new, as you can probably see. I've never done an online community writing thing like this before. I accidentally published a piece three times. Oops.

Message to Readers

This is an intro to a novel I am writing. I am looking for a way to transition from this into a sort of Cyber Battle scene, but am unsure how to go about doing it. Any ideas? I'd love to hear feedback!

Cyber Wars

October 16, 2015

PROMPT: Open Prompt


    The Cyber Wars began over four years ago, but the general society didn’t find out until two days ago. 
One can imagine the shock. Their government had been lying to them--all this time--keeping the truth hidden. Although it's a shock for them, you could see that clear as day by the protests,I think that they have all had their suspicions for a while now. 
    The Cyber Wars is a bit...controversial. It's called a 'new' and 'modern' way of battle by the government. They say, 'no one dies!' 'No one get's injured!'. The government tries to convince the civilians it's better than the old kind of warfare. Perhaps that lie works on the general public, but the other soldiers like me know that's bullshit. We know it's just the government giving civilians what they want to hear. 
    The Cyber Wars wouldn't deserve the name if it was without injuries. I've never heard of a war without casualties. The Wars, as it's often called for short, are battles with the newest technological advances; in computers, machines, robots, androids, and even cyborgs.
    None of it is as simple as the government wants us to believe. They want the world to be tricked into the trap of thinking that costing us nothing. I sure hope that the public doesn't believe that crap, if they do, they're all idiots. The whole lot of them. The public's technology should be ten times as advanced as it is now. No one is bothering about the public though, they're just focusing on getting the next update so people can't hack us. The Wars are getting nowhere. It's a world war, the public has no idea, and right now, the ending is non-existant. 



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