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The Flower

By: zu0


If a flower blooms and there's no one to see it, will it still be as beautiful?

Shards of a mirror clash against the ground. Will it still be as beautiful?
Shredded wallpaper strain to be free from the wall. Will it still be as beautiful?
All around, the walls rot and the painting decays. Will it still be as beautiful?

Eyes that have lost their meanings. Will it still be as beautiful?
Matted hair and pale skin. Will it still be as beautiful?
Bitten beds of nails and eye bags that seem to go on for miles. Will it still be as beautiful?

A ghost of a person who has been and an image of a person who could have been.

Will I still be as beautiful? 

Peer Review

'A ghost of a person who has been and an image of a person who could have been.' It's a really complex line that could be read in a lot of ways. Does the speaker feel alienated from themselves? Do they feel like the shadow of a person, maybe that they once were or somebody else was to them? Do they feel caught in a limbo between two selves, perhaps a childhood and adult self? It can really be seen in loads of different ways but that makes it more relatable to a lot of situations, which is why I liked it so much - it's very universal.

Pity for the speaker, really! It's not a particularly celebratory piece, rather it really reflects the difficulties of understanding oneself, trying to love oneself and trying to figure out troubles one's having. But it particularly made me start reconsidering how I view myself and the subjectivity of beauty.

What inspired it? What made you start thinking around this topic? Do you view this as a philosophical or personal premise?

Reviewer Comments

This was really well written, a nice blend between artsy prose and poetry. I'd love to see some more experimentation with poetic techniques though if you ever developed on this premise - how could you maybe show the figurative decay of something physically on the page, or put it into the reader's mind that something is breaking without even having to tell them? How can you adapt the structure even more to create interest?
Well done though, this was really enjoyable to read and really caught my eye. I hope to see more of your work on the site in the future!