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Me Mag Week 4

October 1, 2015


    My Mom was working in hugo and commuting 25 minutes back and forth per day. She decided because of the long commute that she wanted to move closer to her job. We started looking for a home to buy, found a townhouse that we liked and moved in on December 1st in 2006.

    The quote I chose was by an unkown person, the quote says "we are who we are because they are who they are". In other words this means, because of who your family was growing up, it has molded you into the person you are today. I agree with this quote because, some things you learn are good. Like if your parents do something that is awesome and a good thing for the society or something then you can learn from that and do it, or if its something that isnt a very good idea or mistake you can learn from it and try not to make that same mistake either. This quote connects to my life because my mom went to a lutheran church when she was a young girl with my grandparents. My grandparents went to a luthern church because their parents were lutheran and went to a lutheran church also. My mother decided to become christian, and that is why I am now a christian.


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