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Fudge's Job: The First Reality

November 19, 2017


After it was dark for a while, I assumed I died. But of course, this wasn't true, because I could still think. It was pretty boring, until a flash of light appeared, and I was in a park. I looked around, and saw I was standing in a fountain. I got of the fountain, and a small kid walked up to me.

"Hey, get back into the fountain!" The kid said.


"Because, that's your job!"

"No, it isn't,"

"Yes it is, all the dumb people have that job," 

"Then shouldn't you be in the fountain?" 

The kid ran off crying. I pulled out a GPS, and saw I was in something called,'The Reality Where Dumb People Stand In Fountains'. I still don't know how the GPS new that, but I believe the I?R.S was involved.

I did what any sensible person that got put in a different reality would do, I walked around. It had just occurred to me that I had forgotten to ask how to get back to my original reality, so I'd figure out how to do so.

A voice in my head kept saying the same thing, "Sir." This was not actually a voice in my head, put a person trying to talk to me. I turned around and saw it was a woman, and that kid from earlier. That little runt had told on me.

'Yes?" I said.

"Did you call me son dumb?" She asked.


"You implied it!" The kid yelled.

"Then it's ambiguous," I said.

"Hey, you can't talk to my son like that!" The woman said.

"Wasn't he standing in a fountain?" I asked.

"There's no way you can prove that," 

"His pants are wet," 

She looked done and said,"No there not..." 

She he was probably going to slap me, butmI had already ran away.



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1 Comment
  • Glytch Montoya

    Of course the first one would be one like that! "The Reality Where Dumb People Stand In Fountains." Wow.

    Great work, by the way.

    almost 2 years ago