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June 30, 2014

I pull the covers over me, and welcome the hopes and dreams I embrace at night. I've pulled out my gigantic dusty canvas bag out from the crannies in my closet. In goes the comfy blue flip-flops, a striped yellow towel, sunscreen (the sort that smells pleasant), my iPod and my ear-buds. Bags of chocolate, grilled cheese sandwiches cut into triangles, chips, watermelon, and a couple cans of soda and water are jammed into the cooler waterproof part of the bag. I change into my t-shirt and shorts, and shove a pair of sunglasses to my head. Several outfits go into the main compartment of the canvas sack. I check my purse for my phone and wallet. As I grab the umbrella and beach chair, ready to walk out the door, I freeze. There's something I forgot. I tear back upstairs into my room, reach for my ballpoint pen, my crazy notebook, and my laptop, and race downstairs. I'm ready to go. Without all the hassle, I've gained access to my beach house. It's a quaint cottage with over-flowing flower beds and a lavender smell throughout the house. I drop my clothes off at the house, unload the chair and umbrella, stick my feet into my flip-flops, and head out to the beach. The beach; there aren't enough words to describe it to its fullest sense. Quickly, I throw of my shoes and drop everything, running towards the sea. No sharp, nasty rocks. But as you know, if it was in real life, there would be jagged rocks sticking out in unexpected places. Perfect. I close my eyes. The gentle spray of the sea, the roaring incoming tide, the wonderful feeling between my toes of the squishy, warm sand. Ah! The icy cool splatter of the waves hit my feet, waking me up. A silent shiver goes through me as my eyelids flick open. A sapphire sea jewel before me, changing in azure tones and aquamarine shades, sometimes even tapering off into a brilliant turquoise. The milk-white foam tickle my feet. A breeze overcomes me, and I head back to my chair. I dry my feet off, still staring off into the distance in awe. It's lovely how the sun's not glaring on me, a breeze is slowly rippling through, and breath-taking mountains and vistas in the distance. But cease with the staring, and get on with it. Setting a bag of chocolate next to me, I flip open my crazy notebook. It's full of random scribblings--all ideas for my novel. They're from the time I toured Buckingham palace in London, where I had wrote a full four pages in front of the guard's stern glance; I had been scribbling furiously while I wrote up the Eiffel tower under the Parisians' bewildering stare. I had witnessed a full-blown volcano in Hawaii while sitting under a palm-tree, taking notes at a desperate speed. Chattering teeth in Russia, jotting down quotes in Petersburg. It was from the world. I lay down, and start writing. In between thoughts, I grab a couple handfuls of chocolate, and gobble them up. None of the melted chocolate gets on my hands. It's perfect up here. I look around. The children are playing with the sand nicely, helping each other build the castles out of sand. In reality, of course, they would be yelling and dumping sand on each others hands and eyes. But no, this is ideal... My brain is churning with ideas as I pull out my iPod, plug the ear-buds in my ear, and press the button. Peppy music plays in my ear and I take my laptop out. I find my two hundred page document, hidden in hundreds of other files, in a couple seconds. And I start typing to the beat of music. I love the way how I'm able to see through my sunglasses clearly, staring at my computer. The plot is unfolding in my head. The hearts of the characters are revealed. The setting is perfect. Everything is positioned perfectly in my mind. And they stay in my head until I've written another fifty pages. Life goes on as I get up to grab a couple sandwiches. It's sunset already. Time has passed so quickly. Scarlet rays hit the calm waters, casting a violet glare on the shore. A brown sliver of sand is caught in the middle of a passing beam of saffron yellow light, filling it in with a vibrant gold. I've never seen anything so beautiful in my life. The azure waters are fading into a interchanging tangerine orange and crimson; the bubbly foam and milk white spray is no longer chilly anymore. They are warm and inviting, asking me to dip my feet into them. Tossing off my flip-flops, I drop the bag of chips and run towards the water. I'm running, and running, and running, and running...but I never arrive there. As my feet patter against the packed sand, it hits a pointy green rock. I squeal with pain.

I wake up, holding the blanket against me. I'm chattering with fear and cold, and I look out the window. It's dawn. and I can see a rainbow of light showering the Earth. Maybe it's better to stay in reality to recognize the beauty of nature.

Note: I've tweaked the prompt slightly. This is only one day, and not in the regular form of a list.


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