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Quantum Gunman: Chapter Fifteen

November 19, 2017


Infinity Inferno, was indeed getting ready for his attack, which involved some dangerous stuff, and...

Yeah, okay he was bluffing.

The World Police Force wanted to get Tyler back, alive. And to do this, Inferno decided to block the road with his motorcycle. Little did he know Tyler had a special ability, the ability of simply going to the other lane.

"That little..." Inferno said, and sped after him.

Quantum was doing much, he was just telling Rick what was going in since he was in prison. Do you people remember Emily, the person that got arrested a while back? You may have to read that chapter, but you should know, she isn't in that much danger. I mean Agent Daniels is watching her, how bad could it be?

Head Honcho was plotting to kill Quantum, but he won't tell anyone why.

Samurai Axotol is busy, trying to find the other Tyoe 93 Gun. 

Oh, I should mention a guy name Bill Smith. Yeah, he's a time traveller, and he's in a mission to kill Quantum.
Hey guys, remember this series? This is to show what's going on with some of the major characters.


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  • Glytch Montoya

    Excellent summary of what's going on!

    almost 2 years ago