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Braving Life (Chapter Ten)

November 22, 2017


    I cringed away from Raska. "You are what?!"
    "It was a name given to us by the masters of the Ruiners."
    "How dare they!" The wedge between Jesse and me grew deeper. "How could they allow that? Did you name them the Ruiners?"
    "No, it was a name they specially chose for themselves. It fits them. I believe. We should change our name, or just make it stand for something else. Our reputation infuriates me past reason." Raska's eyes looked like glass reflecting his past. "Things did not always turn out for the best on our side. Just because of our name. That we did not choose."
    "I despise Jesse," I blurted. "And to think, we were together."
    "Remember, it was not he who condemned us but those long before him. And the sweetest on the outside can be the cruelest in the heart. And yet, he was being faithful to his group. I cannot condemn him for that folly, but many others. Remember that Death Star."
    "He infuriates me."
    Raska laughed. "Well I'm sure he infuriated his mother just as much." He strode off.
    I blinked and shook my head, trying not to laugh. Raska was quite the character it seemed. He was unlike anyone I'd ever seen. He was so forgiving and yet revengeful. I shook my head again. I would have to work him out.
    I felt entirely at home with the PACK. They treated me with respect yet we were all friends. I laughed with a bunch of girl teenagers. I ran through the gym with the boys and girls alike. I had a personal trainer who taught me, not only channel my power correctly but how strengthening my mind and body would benefit me. Within a few weeks time, my balance was much improved upon and I was much more fit. I was an entirely different girl.
    I often longed for my family but I knew that I could no longer return to them. It would be too dangerous. My parents' minds had been wiped of all memories of me. They were constantly protected by Raska's and my army. There was a great fear all round that the Ruiners would find their way to my family and hurt them.
    I had noticed that my boots had no laces and I figured that Raska had learned of my previous lack of balance. As I observed closer, however, I realized that not one person had laces on their boots. I supposed it was a safety procedure. It would be quite disappointing if the loss of a battle or a concussion was due to loose laces. I cringed at the very thought.
     There had been no battles in the time that I had been serving for the PACK. Raska suggested it was because of the fact that they were afraid. After all, Jesse now knew my deadly power and he had most definitely spread the news.
    I wiped my forehead as I stepped out of the gym. I was sweating like crazy even in a tank top and shorts. Marx worked me like mad. I had done martial arts and a lot of jogging. I had also battle fake soldiers with my powers. My mind powers, my body powers, and my supernatural powers. Even though they were fake, I had to use strategy.
    "Dude, you look tired," Ray commented as I stepped alongside him. "Did Marx almost have you killed?"
    "Nearly," I laughed. I stopped at the girls' locker room. "See you, Ray,"
    "Yes, ma'am." I walked into the locker room and changed into my uniform. I wasn't sure why Marx didn't have us fight in our uniforms - after all we went into battle wearing them. It stumped me. But I wasn't there to object his orders. I was there to fight.
    I jumped as I strode out of the locker room. Raska apparently, had been waiting for me. "Hello," I greeted casually.
    "Hello, Death Star."
    "Everybody calls me that now."
    "I don't blame them."
    "What about the others? Do they have special names?"
    "Most of them do. Take Ray, for example. His original name was John Sun. Therefore we designed his name to be Ray," Raska explained. "Some of their names are quite clever. Yours is quite obvious. Ray's is not."
    "I understand," I replied.
    "How is your outfit suiting you?" Raska wondered.
    "Oh, it's absolutely marvelous. Even though I have flatter abs than when I started, it fits me just as well. It's not baggy or anything," I marveled.
    "Good, good. It is made from a very interesting material. It will fit you quite a long time I believe. It stretches like few things do. As you have seen."
    "Yes." I smiled. My smile faded. "How is my family."
    "As well as they were yesterday."
    I nodded. "It pains me to think that they don't remember me anymore."
    "Remember, Death Star, it only hurts you. They do not feel any the worse for it. My words may not be the most comforting but I will try for you," Raska comforted.
    I smiled sadly. "Thank you."
    "It is my pleasure, Jeannie."
    "You never call me that. Even in these past few days you have not since you gave me that name."
    "I am trying to learn as much as you are, Jeannie. It doesn't complement me to slip up."
    "I'm sure not. But look, now you've called me by my real name twice. In the span of thirty seconds."
    Raska laughed. "I'm sorry. I will try harder not to call you by your real name. Especially in not such a short span of time," he gasped.
    I pushed Raska playfully.
    He pretended to look offended. "How dare you Death Star?!"
    "Oh stop faking," I teased. "I'm hungry."
    "Lucky for you, it is time to eat. I'm sure your fellows will be just as eager, if not more, to eat."
    "I'm sure. But I am famished."
    Raska smiled softly at me. "Are you over Jesse?"
    "Lord no! I'm still offended."
    "Raska, sir!" A young man ran up to us. "I have some news for you."
    I pulled back my arm and punched him.


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