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Gabriela Salazar

United States

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her own kind...

October 1, 2015

                                                                             Her own kind ...
                                            She's the strong one, the one with no fears other than death.
                                                  She's the type to love hard. But still hated by many.
                                             The type who defends others but always ends up betrayed.
                                                                The one who rather stay alone.     
                                         The one who chose to have no friends so that she wouldnt get hurt.   
                                           She's the type to take the blame no matter what the situation is.    
                                              She's the type to hide her feelings so she wouldn't get judged.
                                 She's the kind of girl who can see the pain in someone. Without being spoken to.  
                               She's the type to smile around others and behind closed doors she'll sit there and cry.                        
                               She's the type to say she's tired of crying every night knowing the tears will never end.
                              She's the kind of girl who prays to god for her father's life back knowing he's gone forever.  
                                     She's the kind of girl whose lost everything but still wishes for the best of life.
                                                        Lost in her own shadow in between her own kind ...



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