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I realize now just how important this moment is to me. Any feedback you may have is welcome :)

A Moment

November 19, 2017

I had just begun taking music lessons for the clarinet, so I was attending band rehearsals twice a week. At one of these early rehearsals our band instructor had told all the new members to just listen. Listen to the older kids play. During one of these songs, I had a moment. A moment where everything that was going to happen or had happened no longer mattered. It was like the only thing that existed in the world was music. It's very difficult to describe this feeling, and I've never tried before, but I'll do my best now.

I could hear each individual instrument playing, and they were beautiful. But at the same time, I could hear the instruments playing as an ensemble, and that was equally beautiful. And these two distinctive beauties combined was what I suppose I experienced. Hearing each individual part and sound mixing with other parts and sounds to create this rich, full song that enveloped me. I was completely and utterly awed with this. I mean, I had never experienced anything like this before. This feeling lasted only a moment, however, as the instructor had stopped to work on a section. And all I really remember from this first true encounter with music, was wishing that it hadn't stopped.

I've felt this feeling only a handful of times over the years. However, each time feels just as magical as the first. Perhaps that why I love music so much. Funny, isn't it, how you're the only person I've told.


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