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The Big Reveal

June 25, 2014

PROMPT: All in a Name


Alright, alright. Maybe you've guessed. Maybe you haven't. Well, I'll tell you anyway. Sasha K. Lotnikee isn't my real, true, birth name. Sasha K. Lotnikee doubles as my pen name AND my nickname. There, you have it. So you might of wondered what the "K." stood for. Good thing you asked. Promise you won't laugh? Promise? Alright, alright. It stands for Kreep. There. The reason why I didn't type my full name in. may ask: Why Sasha Kreep Lotnikee? It's not one of the random names that pop into my mind, is it? No; it's cleverly devised and derived from two words: Shakespeare Tolkien Can you see it? Takes a long time to figure out. (If you want to see how, read the footnote.) Sasha's isn't a bad name for a girl, and Lotnikee doesn't sound too ridiculous either for a last name. But the middle name...I just had to keep it to a "K". Why Shakespeare? Why Tolkien? Just take a look at my bookshelf. You'll find the answer- What did you ask? What's my real name? Well...I'm not telling you. You'll find out when I publish my first novel. Hopefully. Ah...speaking of novels. Getting a pen name is always a good start, isn't it?

Okay, one last thing. Promise you won't tell anyone in the whole wide world about this? Promise? What? Oh... Yes, I just realized I'm sharing this information to millions of people on the Write the World community.

It's all in the word. Anagram. See it now?


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