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Sarah Feng

United States

hi, i'm sarah! currently reading: we were 8 years in power by ta nehisi coates; east of eden by john steinbeck.

managing editor @ counterclock journal (counterclockjournal.com), intern @ the stanford daily.

talk to me at sarahfeng.weebly.com.

Cheshire Cats

October 1, 2015

PROMPT: Open Prompt

There is something purely captivating about a fresh start, some alluring factor - perhaps an invisible magnetic force - drawing you closer to a blank sheet of paper. It's letter size, rectangular, and perfectly fresh; thin and infused with warmth from the printer it had just slipped out of. A creamy ivory colour spreads over its face, blank and unmarred by any graphite marks, clear space for you to start your work on. A world for you to imagine upon with grubby fingers and dirt streaks, with ink pens and ballpoint, lies on the clean sheet, a spinning globe of your own creation.
     Is water blue, is grass green? Do trees stand upright, or do their roots extend inside wisp white clouds? It's a universe of creation, of Cheshire Cats and tell-tale hearts, all within a single sheet of letter-sized paper and the marks spilling from the tip of a #2 pencil.


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