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Sarah Feng

United States

hi, i'm sarah. i like dogs & the oxford comma. sometimes i write really bad poetry while listening to hamilton.

los altos, CA.

much love!

Message from Writer

hi there! just wanted to say thanks so much for visiting my profile, and please keep writing.

Cheshire Cats

October 1, 2015

PROMPT: Open Prompt

There is something purely captivating about a fresh start, some alluring factor - perhaps an invisible magnetic force - drawing you closer to a blank sheet of paper. It's letter size, rectangular, and perfectly fresh; thin and infused with warmth from the printer it had just slipped out of. A creamy ivory colour spreads over its face, blank and unmarred by any graphite marks, clear space for you to start your work on. A world for you to imagine upon with grubby fingers and dirt streaks, with ink pens and ballpoint, lies on the clean sheet, a spinning globe of your own creation.
     Is water blue, is grass green? Do trees stand upright, or do their roots extend inside wisp white clouds? It's a universe of creation, of Cheshire Cats and tell-tale hearts, all within a single sheet of letter-sized paper and the marks spilling from the tip of a #2 pencil.


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