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Our Generation

November 16, 2017


increasing every day by the minute,
making life easier with fewer steps
for our generation and the generation to come
Let’s not all get together, let’s just group chat
Why come over when we can just facetime?
What happened to having intimate conversations with someone,
now we what? Talk through a small screen
and show emotion through cartoon faces called emoji’s?
What happened to walking up to a pretty girl and ask her out in person,
Now we choose to “slide into dm’s” For what reason though?
To hide the fear of rejection or are we all just too damn lazy?
We don’t take them out on actual first dates anymore, where you don’t
barely know about them and the whole point is to get to know them.
No. Now we first look at their social media profile to “figure her out” or to
see what you consider a “hoe” or a “good girl” or a “ Nice guy” or a bad choice”
What happened to kids begging their parents to play tag outside?
Now they beg daddy to let them play fun run on their phone.
What happened to kids pretending to be knights, princesses, kings, queens?
Now they play Clash of Clans on their iPad they got for Christmas for hours.
What happened to kids riding bikes and going on adventures with their friends outside?
Instead, they locked themselves inside and play games online together
called a virtual reality.
We can’t escape it
Our generation is being mentally attached to technology
Apple, Microsoft, all of them
Have our generation by our throats
Wringing out our attention and money like a towel
As they gain our attention, our money, our lives
We are only becoming the corporation's robots and slaves
Creating bad examples for the next generation.


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  • richardmontanez

    Don't use your phones or any mobile devices for a day and see what happens, thank me later

    about 3 years ago
  • Gabe Krawec

    It's true. One time I was about to ask this cute girl at the grocery store out, but she legit had no idea what I was talking about. She just gave me this blank stare while spamming my phone with laughing emojis and told me "The future is now, old man." then she tried to put an RFID chip in me and told me all about how it was kind of hypocritical how I spent all my time posting on the internet about how evil the internet was, so I stole her phone and am now off the grid. Gonna show this to her and see if she'll see the truth and go out with me. This is just how the world is now. Check out my piece "The Dream Lottery" to see how deep the rabbit hole goes.

    about 3 years ago
  • -Foxmillionaire-

    Teenagers laugh when parents try to use modern technology. But we don't know how to use things like vhs, flip phones, alarm clocks. So really, they could just as easily laugh at us. (Seriously my mother had to teach me how to use an alarm clock) we are just as stupid

    about 3 years ago
  • AbigailSauble

    Technology making life easier? Mm . . . ;) I kinda doubt that. In some ways, at least.
    And to think I used to romp around in the hedge with my younger sister all day. :P
    Good last section. Sadly true . . .
    I'm so thankful to be in a home-school community at my church, though. :) Less technology, and more person-to-person.
    Keep writing!
    God bless!

    about 3 years ago