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hey there
just here to write
hope I learn something from you, and you learn something from me.
I do mostly poetry.
Thank you, bye:)

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Something beautiful from my namesake:

Adorn thy mind with knowledge, for knowledge maketh thy worth.
– Firdausi


November 20, 2017


I was 10
In the locker room
Where girls giggled
Some were quiet 
some were not 
some wore pretty colors on their lips 
some were plain as the wall behind them
some liked to study 
they were all in their butterfly stages

My face solemn in thought 
Anticipating a score 
I knew would never come
from the snail we had for a teacher :/

"Why are you wearing tights under your dress?" she asks
a brunette, fair-skinned, looking upon me with her curious eyes

I don't know what to say. 
"Because I felt like it," I said. •_•

But that didn't resonate what I was thinking. 

Was I confined within the iron bars of the prison 
that I called my body?
Was I torn from the folds of my creator
Held up to the light 
only to be shown the dark once more?

it was not as if I had chosen the road that had set out before me
but that was life's way of setting out the cards of fortune
would i stuff it deep where no one could see?
or maybe even wear it on my head proudly 
like the others did.
Hadn't it been this way my whole life
when I covered up 
while the others bore their gifts with abandon 
I had never once wondered
what made me different 
but standing there beneath that gaze
i silently questioned 
i rattled those bars around my brain
And i began to push and pull
But I could not find the chink 
My hands were too soft 
My body too weak 

Perhaps I had been sitting in the dark
for a tad too long. 
Perhaps it was time to find the light.
I'm a muslim girl, I just wrote this to talk about my experiences with modesty and such.

On a second note, this is when I was pretty young. I'm completely comfortable with my religion and I encourage you to learn more about modesty in Islam, and how everyone is free to do what they want with their bodies. To my is my religion, and to you is yours.
feel free to leave comments, thanks.


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