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Hi! FYI: I don't like changing any work that I have published. I do read all comments and take them to heart, but don't expect changes within the published work. Thank you for reading my writing!

One Half

September 30, 2015


It's true that I would rather fight, 
And that you would rather flee. 

It's true that I am loud and stormy, 
And that you are calm and quiet. 

It's true that I am bright white light, 
And that you are constant shadows. 

It's true that I am impulsive and rude, 
And that you are thoughtful and polite.

It's true that I am brash and wild, 
But you always rein me in and tame me.

We are two opposites, forever in harmony. 
One pushing against the boundaries, one pulling the other back. 
Together we are one whole made of halves. 
One an explosion and one the calm after a storm. 


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