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The Terrible Moon: Chapter Eight

November 18, 2017


Calvin had been walking around in the capital city of Adleberg, when suddenly Sir Welles Wales up to him.

"We need to go to a village," She said.

"Uh...which one?" 

"Rivercrest. There is a rather dangerous criminal there," 

They went there, however it took all day, and when they got there it was evening. There was no sign of the criminal, so they had to leave. 

However, it was night, and night was becomin a very dangerous time.

The Terrible Moon had appeared, and people where starting tomorrow panic.

"Everyone keep calm!" Welles yelled,"You will all be safe if you stay in the village." 

"No, they won't," Calvin said.

"Oh? Challenging my authority?" Welles asked,"Well, where can they go?"

"At this point, no where," Calvin said.

"What are you on about?" Welles was getting impatient.

Calvin simply pointed at the moon, and Welles say a large beam coming towards them. It hit the village, causing a barrier to come around it. No one could get it, and it was assumed no one could get in.

"What is this?" A villager asked.

"This is an epicenter," Calvin said,"There very rare, but the most terrible things happen in them."


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  • Bo

    I wonder how the Epicenters of Terribleness tie in to the Terrible Moon.

    about 2 years ago
  • Glytch Montoya

    An epicenter of terribleness... Oh dear...

    Good work, by the way. (I finally had a chance to read it!)

    about 2 years ago