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Each and every one of you is special.

You’re made of stardust, too.

If you can’t find a bright side, it’s okay to sit in the dark for little bit while your eyes adjust. It’ll be easier to find light after that.

I love you to the moon and back.


January 22, 2018


Halley laughed as Fey fell to the floor with a grunt. "You're so pathetic, you won't even fight back." Her fastpitch-trained hand threw down a large brown book with the words "The Revolution" printed on it, and it landed on the grounded brunette's head. Fey furrowed her brow and simply stood up, saying nothing, picking her book up. As she proceeded to make her way out of the now-empty hallway she mumbled something under her breath. Halley leaned forward and shoved her again. "What was that? You have something you wanna say?"
    Fey rolled her eyes and hugged her book after catching herself from her stumble. "Nothing that you probably haven't heard before. You know, no one likes you, everyone just hangs with you because you're popular, you're even more pathetic than I am because you're acting like the typical 'high school movie' bully and everyone agrees that you're petty..." She said it as if she was listing it off all from the top of her head, unrehearsed. Her last line was spoken incredibly fast, as if Halley shouldn't have heard it but just so happened to have anyway. Halley didn't understand what she was hearing, but Fey continued. "And for the record, my favorite part about all of this is you think I want you to stop."
    Halley crossed her arms. "Yeah, but... don't you, though?"
    Fey chuckled quietly. "I mean, I'd rather you be nice to me, of course, but no, I don't want you to stop. Insane, right? Who wants to be bullied? Well," she turned around to face the confused ginger, "I guess, okay- listen. How many people ask you how you're doing, greet you, give you high fives, sit with you at lunch?" Halley impulsively chuckled and held up her hand, ready to answer with a high number in mind, but Fey cut her off. "Right. Now how many people do you see even glance my way, let alone talk to me or do any of that?" The ginger put her hand down.
    "Is this going somewhere or are you just trying to mess with me?"
   That question was ignored. "None. I'm unnoticed by anyone except for you or someone you send to hit me when you're busy. I guess what I'm trying to say, is I'd rather be hated and hit and harassed than be invisible. At least when you're bullied you know someone thinks about you." Fey smiled and hook her hair behind her ear, nodding.
    Halley was speechless for a moment. Just a moment. Then she sneered, "What was that? Some edgy trash you found on Tumblr? You're so emo. I bet you shop at Hot Topic or something, right? Go to class, loser."
The brunette's smile faded. She looked down and wiped her non-teary eyes. "Right. See you later." She brushed dust off her book and turned around again to leave the hallway.
    Halley grumbled as she watched Fey disappear into a classroom far away from her. "Better to be bullied... what a load of bull." 
*    *    *
    The ginger bolted awake with wide eyes, only to stare into the darkness that still continued to fill her room. Her heart was racing, strands of her hair fell over her blinded eyes, and the open book that laid in her lap fell to the floor. "What in the name of..." she mumbled, looking around. After she took some time to officially confirm she was awake, she leaned over to her nightstand and blindly swept her hand over it. When she couldn't feel anything, she grumbled. "Where are my...?" She huffed in pure annoyance when she still couldn't find what she was looking for. In fact, she couldn't even feel her nightstand. Or her bed, not anymore. "This is a dream," she told herself, "I just need to hurt myself enough to wake up. I need a fork."
    There was one problem: she couldn't find her door. 
    When the sun was finally up high enough for light to bathe Halley's house, she ran to her full-length mirror in the middle of the room. She looked totally fine. She took a second to compliment herself: even with a bedhead she looked fabulous, and her puppy pajamas were fantastic. "Okay," she decided after a few seconds, "you can tell yourself how bomb you look after you get dressed."
    She approached her closet door which was already wide open, but when she swiped at her favorite outfit to grab it, her hand went straight through it. "What...?" She tried again. "Wait a minute..." She whipped her head to face her closed bedroom door. Her eyes widened uneasily as she approached it with her arm outstretched. When her hand disappeared through the door, she jumped back. She was only scared more when her alarm to her phone blared out the time for her to wake up. "Well I can't turn it off... I can't touch it." She huffed to herself and crossed her arms, trying to figure out her ordeal. The alarm called out to her for about five minutes, and it didn't seem ready to shut up anytime soon. Suddenly her stepmother burst in through her door, causing her to jump. 
    "Halley-Marie Cruz!" She shouted, ready to scold her stepdaughter for not waking up in an acceptable amount of time. "Turn off your- Halley?" She looked around the room. Halley groaned.
    "Mom, what did we say about using my full name? Mom? Mom!" She went to shove her stepmother, in attempt to get her attention. She nearly stumbled down to her knees on the floor, phasing through her stepmother like she wasn't even there. "What did I expect," she sighed, crossing her arms tightly over herself. "I don't need this." She walked out of her room and bounded downstairs, still decked in her simple puppy pajamas and unattractive bedhead. She tried to think of reasons to be happy for her ordeal, but that seemed to be easier said than done. 
    After standing in the middle of the bottom of the stairs for an unusually long amount of time, Halley gasped. "I don't have to go to school!" She grinned and clapped to herself, sighing loudly in relief. "And I don't have to worry about being too loud, or putting on makeup, I can just relax all day! Ah! Whatever's happened to me, this is so great!" Halley ran to her living room as fast as she could, then superman-dived over the back of the couch. Only, she fell right through it. Halley huffed. "No matter," she tried to tell herself, "I'll just lay on the floor." She crawled out from wherever she seemed to be inside the couch and sprawled herself out in the middle of the living room carpet. 
    Her excitement was short-lived, as she began to realize flaws in her relaxation plan. "Oh..." she pouted, sitting up from the floor. "I'm gonna be bored all day. I can't touch anything, which means I can't eat, or watch TV, or go on my phone, or listen to music. I'm nothing." She stopped talking to herself and sat criss-cross, staring down at her lap. "Mmm. Maybe I'll go to school after all. I might be able to see some things worth spreading." Knowing how far the school is from her house, she immediately got up and started to walk. 
    Out of her house, onto the streets, practically following buses, and no one noticed her.
The Prompt: You bolt awake … but you’re not immediately sure what awakened you. You blearily fumble for your cell phone to check the time, but as you reach for the bedside table, you gasp—your hand passes through the oak nightstand as if it were composed of nothing but mist. After a moment, you raise your hand up in front of your face to discover that it is not the nightstand that is no longer solid, but your disconcertingly translucent hand. What has happened?


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  • Unapologetic Regret

    What a creative response to the prompt! I love the sordid message of the piece.

    over 3 years ago
  • Glytch Montoya

    Nice one! This seems like a similar premise to my story "Nonexistent"...
    ...I should get back to writing that one...

    over 3 years ago