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The Terrible Moon: Chapter Seven

November 15, 2017


While this was happening, the Light God, Brighton was watching, the introduction ceremony.

"That is most interesting..." He said, stroking his beard.

"What is?" Artemis, Goddess of Wisdom asked.

"Lunares's, little project seems to be paying off," Brighton said, pointing at the ceremony.

"Oh, that poor boy...not knowing what he's going to be, or what his role in life is," Artemis said. 

"Now, now, now," Brighton said, waving his hand in a dismissive manner,"You know Lunares forbade us from telling that man."

"What's stopping us?" Atticus, God of War, said,"He isn't here isn't he?"

"He can, and will remove the moon from the sky," Brighton said.

"But he can't now, can't he?" Atticus said.

"Plus, you remember what happened last time you went to the Overland?" Brighton said.

"Speaking of which, I need to tell my son something..." Atticus muttered.

"Anyhow, we would be interfering with Lunares's plans, no matter how much that ma would be useful in fighting the Usurper," Brighton said,"Think of everything Lunares had done for us," 

"Don't talk like he's dead, you know he isn't," Artemis said.

"I know, I know," Brighton said, and then went off to go turn off the sun. He aske, due to Lunares's absence had to turn on the moon. 

"...You miss him, don't you?" Atticus asked Artemis.

"Yes..." Artemis said.

"You're not alone," Atticus said,'Think of Aquarius, he's his brother, after all."

"But what he did..." 

"Don't act like you know what happened," Atticus said, walking away.


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