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The Terrible Moon: Chapter Six

November 15, 2017


"Deal," Kimg Grisham said, thinking what Calvin said was a small price.

"About twenty-seven years ago, a man known as the Usurper took over the Underland, the place underground where evil souls go," He paused, then continued.

"The Usurper took the fight to the Overland, and soon faced the Moon God, Lunares. But before the battle began, Lunares stabbed himself, and disappeared into thin air," He looked around to see that everyone was paying attention that,"And when he did that,the moon turned red, montes rained from the sky, and the Usurper was forced to retreat." 

"But, what happened to the Underland God, Underking?" Calvin asked.

"He has disappeared," The Light Sage, who had not spoken until said,"No of his followers can contact him. They believe he was somehow put into exile." 

Calvin was silent.

"Well, with that out of the way," King Grisham began,"You are now officially a Knight of the Rectangular Table. Do you have anything to say?" 

"....Why did you choose me?" Calvin asked.

"....I'll tell you some time in the future," Kimg Grisham said,"But know, we have to tell the people about this. Er...by the way which God do you worship?" 

"Uh...I worship the Water God, and the Moon God." Calvin said.

"You worship two?" The Light Sage asked.

"They are brothers, are they not?" Calvin asked.

"Well, never mind that!" King Grisham said,"Let's get ready for the announcement," 


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  • Bo

    I like a little religious tension.

    over 2 years ago
  • Glytch Montoya

    "You worship two?"
    "They are brothers, are they not?"

    Great work.

    over 2 years ago